Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time For County Fairs

What comes to town every fall of every year? The County Fair! You all know what that means, let the judging begin!

I've been lazy all year and haven't done any canning. I've put plenty of our harvested fruits and labor into the freezer, but no canning.  That is until this week.

So far I've made yummy Pear Honey and Uncle Tom's Salsa.  Now the wheels in my little country head are turning with ideas of what else I'd like to can and enter when the fair comes to town.

I'm trying to talk hubby into entering a few of his beautiful wood pieces, he makes the prettiest stump boxes out of different kinds of wood.  So far he's just saying maybe.

I hope you all have a great weekend with beautiful cooler weather.  If you get rain and have some to spare, send a little our way. 


  1. Oh Gosh sooo Yummy... Love Sala
    Good Luck with some Big Wins at the County
    Fair,You get a Blue Ribbon from me for sure
    :-) Great Photos display
    Warm Autumn Blessings

  2. Looks fantastic. I live in the city so we dont get a country fair in our neck of the woods. BUT this year I discovered that the local living history musuem does a 1914 Fall Fair every September, and we attended last Sunday afternoon. I discovered I could have entered some of my preserves into a contest, which I thought was so quaint and awesome, and Im totally going to enter next year. Even us city folks can get a little country now and again. :)


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