Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, September 26, 2011

Skipping The Fair For Something Better

I'm NOT entering anything in the county fair this year. Nope, not a thing.  Instead, I'm going to visit my aunt and uncle, and possibly driving out to an Amish community.  It'll be the first time traveling to visit them and the first time I actually go to an Amish colony. Just getting to go spend time with them is way better than the county fair, so whatever we find to do will be wonderful.

The two days for entering preserved and canned goods into the fair is this Friday and Saturday. Wayne said he'd take it all down there and enter it for me, that was sweet of him.  I only have three things ready, so I've just decided to relax and take this year off.  I can always enter stuff next year.  I'm devoting the first part of this week to me and Matthew and getting us ready for our trips.  He's heading to IBMA in Nashville with some friends and they said they'd drop me off at my aunt and uncle's, then pick me up on their way home.  GREAT oppurtunity for me.  They were both here visiting a couple of weeks ago and we sort of planned it then.  When the guys decided that they were going to IBMA and could drop me off, that was that!  I'm excited, yet worried about leaving Wayne by himself.  I've never left him before. 

Poor pitiful Wayne.  What will he do?  What will he eat?  Who will take care of him and keep him safe?  Who will tell him what to wear and when to eat?  Wait, strike the last one!  Actually, strike all of that, he was a bachelor for about ten years when we met.  Actually he can take care of himself, I just choose to think that he'll ball up and cry if I go away.  Strike that too, that would not be too attractive or manly! LOL

Well, come to find out he's already got plans of his own. Work and a short road trip to visit an uncle that's not doing so good these days.  So I'm really not worried, other than him missing us TERRIBLY. We know he won't be able to eat or sleep.  We KNOW he will be so bored with having the living room TV all to himself.  He'll have extra chores to do each evening so that'll help with the boredom.  He'll have to water and feed the animals, fix himself something to eat, and clean the kitchen.  Poor thing!  He'd better clean that kitchen!   

Matthew and I went shopping this afternoon, so I think we're ready to pack and see if there are last minute things we forgot about.  My destination is a good five hours away and then they'll have to travel another 300 miles to theirs.  UGH, I do not really like traveling, but am excited.

I found the above picture online.  I would love to look outside my window and see all this color.

I hope you all have a wonderful week too. 

SPECIAL NOTE:  My beautiful mother is having a birthday Wednesday so I plan to cook her a spaghetti supper and make her a cheesecake.  I'm so blessed to have her in my daily life, and it's not something I take for granted. 

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  1. First, off! Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mother~!! You have a wonderful trip, Wayne will be frettin' allowed!!! Have a safe journey, beautiful family visit and take plenty of photos!!! God Bless you and yours!



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