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Monday, September 12, 2011

Piddy Shoes and Pictures

When is the last time I posted a Miss Lily blog? She's growing up way too fast and Aunt Necie (me) is missing out on so much because she's living in Missouri. They are fixing to welcome baby brother Colliar to the family around mid October. YUMMY, a sweet little boy for sweet little Lily to help mommy and daddy with. 

They are doing so good, they've only been there since the beginning of June.  Aaron (Lily's daddy) is already employed by the union, which is why they moved there and he was on a waiting list ...  he sure didn't have to wait long Praise the Lord.  Mandy (Lily's mommy) has a great medical job lined up to start after Colliar is born and she can work from home while also starting her nursing classes. To top it all off, they've just moved into the prettiest home, close to everything they need and in a great neighborhood.  Ain't God good!!!

 The girl does love her picture taken! And she also loves oreo cookies, look at that face!
 See her "piddy" shoes?  (pretty shoes)  Mandy said Lily seen them in the store and just had to have them.  She's already a SHOE gal, in the doctor's office the other day she told the nurse her shoes were piddy. The nurse had on pink shoes (probably Crocs) and Lily liked them! 
Enjoy the pictures and have a blessed evening. See ya later!

 Baby Colliar will be here before we know it!
 Isn't Mandy's new kitchen beautiful?  I love the large windows too!
 Beautiful wall colors!  I think this is the dining room and I can't wait to see the furniture they choose. 
 Aawww, Aunt Necie (me) made her precious Lily some wall decor for her piddy room.
All belly, it doesn't look like she's gained anywhere else. 


  1. Aww, Lily is growing so fast Denise !! And I know you can't wait to see her new baby brother too ! Thank God for taking care of them & I hope you get to see them soon !!

  2. She's just adorable!!!! My DIL gained all her weight in the belly too and having such a big baby she is struggling with the aftermath of it:( Love the piddy shoes, what a sweetheart;)

  3. Lil' Miss Lily is a piddy little girl! She's growing up so fast! She will be such a big help when baby brother gets here.


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