Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Tonight we celebrated my mama's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet lady!  I cooked her a spaghetti supper and served it with hot rolls and a 7-layer salad.  Then we had a yummy cheesecake with cherries on top.  Oink Oink, but oh so good!  We had a nice family supper, a little chit chat, we gave her some comfy pajamas, and took a few pictures.  Simple and sweet. I do love her so much and am so blessed that her and I have a close daily relationship.  We even live near each other! 

I'm almost packed for my trip to see my aunt and uncle.  I'll be leaving very early in the morning so help us pray for a safe trip.  Once they drop me off, Matthew and his friends will have another 300 miles ahead of them. 

I hope each of you have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend, enjoying beautiful weather and fellowship with family and friends.

Thanks for stopping by Lillie Mae Acres again.  You're always welcome, and remember this is the country and we don't dress up so feel free to visit in your pajamas.  My mom and I are both pajama wearing ladies, and we're always in ours!

 I like to use this special plate that I picked somewhere in my thrifting for everyone's special day.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Skipping The Fair For Something Better

I'm NOT entering anything in the county fair this year. Nope, not a thing.  Instead, I'm going to visit my aunt and uncle, and possibly driving out to an Amish community.  It'll be the first time traveling to visit them and the first time I actually go to an Amish colony. Just getting to go spend time with them is way better than the county fair, so whatever we find to do will be wonderful.

The two days for entering preserved and canned goods into the fair is this Friday and Saturday. Wayne said he'd take it all down there and enter it for me, that was sweet of him.  I only have three things ready, so I've just decided to relax and take this year off.  I can always enter stuff next year.  I'm devoting the first part of this week to me and Matthew and getting us ready for our trips.  He's heading to IBMA in Nashville with some friends and they said they'd drop me off at my aunt and uncle's, then pick me up on their way home.  GREAT oppurtunity for me.  They were both here visiting a couple of weeks ago and we sort of planned it then.  When the guys decided that they were going to IBMA and could drop me off, that was that!  I'm excited, yet worried about leaving Wayne by himself.  I've never left him before. 

Poor pitiful Wayne.  What will he do?  What will he eat?  Who will take care of him and keep him safe?  Who will tell him what to wear and when to eat?  Wait, strike the last one!  Actually, strike all of that, he was a bachelor for about ten years when we met.  Actually he can take care of himself, I just choose to think that he'll ball up and cry if I go away.  Strike that too, that would not be too attractive or manly! LOL

Well, come to find out he's already got plans of his own. Work and a short road trip to visit an uncle that's not doing so good these days.  So I'm really not worried, other than him missing us TERRIBLY. We know he won't be able to eat or sleep.  We KNOW he will be so bored with having the living room TV all to himself.  He'll have extra chores to do each evening so that'll help with the boredom.  He'll have to water and feed the animals, fix himself something to eat, and clean the kitchen.  Poor thing!  He'd better clean that kitchen!   

Matthew and I went shopping this afternoon, so I think we're ready to pack and see if there are last minute things we forgot about.  My destination is a good five hours away and then they'll have to travel another 300 miles to theirs.  UGH, I do not really like traveling, but am excited.

I found the above picture online.  I would love to look outside my window and see all this color.

I hope you all have a wonderful week too. 

SPECIAL NOTE:  My beautiful mother is having a birthday Wednesday so I plan to cook her a spaghetti supper and make her a cheesecake.  I'm so blessed to have her in my daily life, and it's not something I take for granted. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Lovely Miss Hen Goes to Market

Look what my sweet friend Benita made for little o' me!  I love it. I think I'll name it Lovely Miss Hen Goes to Market.  Sounds like a child's storybook, doesn't it?  I think she's on her way to market but she's going to stop by Lillie Mae Acres first for a short visit and share a cup of coffee with me.

That Benita is such a sweetheart and a great friend to have.  Thank you friend!

Cute Little Thangs

There's always something going on around here. When the local feed and seed notified us that they were able to get some Guinea Keets we reserved ten. Picked those up yesterday morning, then went back yesterday afternoon and got seven more. 
We're getting our Guinea flock back up to 20+ like we've always had. These little creatures are going to grow up to be the best pest control service you can pay for with chicken feed.  They will eat all day, any bug in the grass plus the bigger things like lizards and snakes. Well worth having around.
Yes they are loud especially when there's a bunch of them.  Yes they roam the woods and travel to nearby homes feasting off of their land too.  Something happens when you explain that they are eating the rodents and snakes, the neighbors decide they like them too.
Aren't they adorable?  Cute little thangs!  Matthew built this smaller pen on high legs so they are way off the ground. Then we put this inside the large chicken yard so everything and everyone is locked up tight each evening.  We do have those pesky little fox and cats you know, along with the coons and during the day hawks fly over sometimes looking for an easy catch. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Can't Decide

I just can't leave stuff alone for too long! Most things sitting around decorating our little farmhouse get's rearranged many many times.  Today I decided to change around my fall decor on the end of my kitchen counter, adding my little fly screen.  I just can't decide how it looks best. 

I guess I could spend the rest of the fall/Thanksgiving season switching it back and forth, giving it a fresh look every few days!  

Above, I put my Candy Corn candle that my wonderful mom gave me in the pie pan and tilted the screen. 
Below, I covered the sunflower salt/pepper shakers with the screen on the tin.  I like both ways!  How about you? 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time For County Fairs

What comes to town every fall of every year? The County Fair! You all know what that means, let the judging begin!

I've been lazy all year and haven't done any canning. I've put plenty of our harvested fruits and labor into the freezer, but no canning.  That is until this week.

So far I've made yummy Pear Honey and Uncle Tom's Salsa.  Now the wheels in my little country head are turning with ideas of what else I'd like to can and enter when the fair comes to town.

I'm trying to talk hubby into entering a few of his beautiful wood pieces, he makes the prettiest stump boxes out of different kinds of wood.  So far he's just saying maybe.

I hope you all have a great weekend with beautiful cooler weather.  If you get rain and have some to spare, send a little our way. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Piddy Shoes and Pictures

When is the last time I posted a Miss Lily blog? She's growing up way too fast and Aunt Necie (me) is missing out on so much because she's living in Missouri. They are fixing to welcome baby brother Colliar to the family around mid October. YUMMY, a sweet little boy for sweet little Lily to help mommy and daddy with. 

They are doing so good, they've only been there since the beginning of June.  Aaron (Lily's daddy) is already employed by the union, which is why they moved there and he was on a waiting list ...  he sure didn't have to wait long Praise the Lord.  Mandy (Lily's mommy) has a great medical job lined up to start after Colliar is born and she can work from home while also starting her nursing classes. To top it all off, they've just moved into the prettiest home, close to everything they need and in a great neighborhood.  Ain't God good!!!

 The girl does love her picture taken! And she also loves oreo cookies, look at that face!
 See her "piddy" shoes?  (pretty shoes)  Mandy said Lily seen them in the store and just had to have them.  She's already a SHOE gal, in the doctor's office the other day she told the nurse her shoes were piddy. The nurse had on pink shoes (probably Crocs) and Lily liked them! 
Enjoy the pictures and have a blessed evening. See ya later!

 Baby Colliar will be here before we know it!
 Isn't Mandy's new kitchen beautiful?  I love the large windows too!
 Beautiful wall colors!  I think this is the dining room and I can't wait to see the furniture they choose. 
 Aawww, Aunt Necie (me) made her precious Lily some wall decor for her piddy room.
All belly, it doesn't look like she's gained anywhere else. 

Come Around to the Backdoor

Come on around to the backdoor. I always seem to decorate the front porch but that's not even the door we use. It just happens to be what you see as you drive up and get closer to our home. So, once in a while I decorate the back.
This little guy and these juicy (wooden) apples welcome family and friends as they come around to the backdoor.
I hope you're all enjoying pretty weather and getting decorated for fall.  I read and tried to comment on several blogs this weekend and was not able to for some reason.  Maybe whatever the problem is will be fixed. I hope each of you have a great week. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Another Sign of Fall 2011 Coming

Gourds drying on the vines!

The garden is tilled and ready for planting when these heavy rains go through and some of the heat is lifted. That should be in another week or so. But in the meantime, these ugly/beautiful gourds are just another sign of fall coming to our little farm.

And when Shadow saw me with my camera, of course she wanted her picture taken.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time to Start Cozying Up the Farmhouse

It's almost here folks. It's time to start cozying up the ole' farmhouse here on Lillie Mae Acres with fall harvest decor. I think I'll keep it very simple this year. We're hosting Thanksgiving again here so I can always add more beautiful things here and there when that time comes. And here's something I didn't even think about, I'm undecided about what I want our home to smell like through the fall and winter months. Most of us automatically think of pumpkin, spice, cinnamon, and apple scents for our home and of course they are already on the shelves. I'm always attracted to those cute cinnamon brooms, then when you get them home they don't last so no more of those! The other day while browsing around one of my favorite stores Cracker Barrel, I smelled it. Not the usual scents that I just listed, it was a familiar scent from my past. A scent I first fell in love with while vacationing in the mountains. Mulberry! Years ago, I coated our home with the scent of Mulberry. That got old and I moved on to other scents. I actually haven't thought about or even seen Mulberry scented anything in years. I inhaled and inhaled and inhaled and still walked out without buying anything Mulberry. I've about made up my mind though, that I will! I did get a few cute things that I'll share with you later.

Ready to start the fall 2011 tour of Lillie Mae Acres?

This will be the first fall/winter holidays with our farmhouse table. I just can't hardly wait to serve a huge family Thanksgiving on it to the ones I love.

Notice. I still have not decided on a welcome mat for the front porch. Remember my post about looking for one a few postings ago? Actually, I haven't really been looking lately. I need to!
We've been having some winds here so I already have a lot of leaves everywhere. I think they are the ones left hanging on the trees from winter.
Every time I look down at this basket of canning jars, it reminds me that I need to start thinking about the county fair and what I want to enter.

I love my little miniature display.

A bit cluttered on top of the pie safe so I'll probably change this around.
Why doesn't mustard show up pretty in pictures. This candle shelf is grungy mustard but looks pale yellow. ??

I need to redo my wreath on the front door, it is warped for some reason. Hmmm?
Check out my artwork. I created this cute little welcoming scarecrow with my much loved liquid chalk.

One of my trees showing the signs of fall.

My mom and I have already started discussing the Thanksgiving menu. You're probably thinking that it's way too early, but I've also started buying up my ingredients each week. I do love to be able to plan and be in control of things when I can.

I love love love my fall apron that I got from Cracker Barrel a few years ago. I've already seen one there this year that is burgundy with a beautiful turkey on it so I just might have to have it, along with the Mulberry scents i found. Still thinking about it.

That's it folks. As the weather changes and starts getting cooler, I'll pull out a few of my warm cozy buffalo check throws for the living room, but I won't decorate for fall in there because on Thanksgiving day I'll have the large family Christmas tree up for family to enjoy. I hope you enjoyed my fall tour. I can't wait to start seeing yours.
We're getting ready for the fall garden and hopefully that's where the collards will come from for frying up. YUM!

Thanks for coming by. Have a blessed weekend and stay safe if you live in the areas getting bad weather.