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Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just a List and Much Treasured Horse Pictures

Here's just a list off the top of my head or from a small portion of the inside of my head of whatever I'm thinking about:
1. I enjoyed shopping and lunch with my beautiful mother today.
2. I love the fact that it's almost fall and will actually start cooling down one of these days here in Florida...towards early Oct probably.
3. I'm really trying to keep my small farmhouse home extra clean these days so tidying up is all that's needed. Did I really just put that on here?
4. I'm already wondering where to put the big family Christmas tree this year.
5. I have fall fever so bad but am making myself wait until after Labor Day to decorate.
6. It's almost time to mow the grass again and am wondering how many more times we'll have to do it this year.
7. Excited about Thanksgiving and cooking.
8. Kind of shaking my head about the earthquake in Virginia today, but I do realize that we are living in the end days, and the Bible is being fulfilled.
9. Sitting here creating this posting, it's 9:31pm and listening to hubby SNORE.
10. Loving the new horse picture my uncle surprised me with. Picture below.

Well I got the ten things and decided to stop. The large fabric horse picture behind my couch was given to me by my uncle a few years ago. When he was a teen, he went through the cowboy phase. Don't all young men? Matthew sure did and we still have the horse out in the pasture to prove it...still feeding her...still paying a farrier to come out for trimmings...still repairing fences...still have a tac room full of saddles, blankets, bridles, ropes, ointments,etc.

Back to number ten.

My grandmother had a lady make this fabric horse picture, and it hung in my grandparent's home until they passed away. As a child we were not allowed to touch it, several of the horses are stuffed for a 3-D effect so of course we wanted to mash them. Long story short, I never knew there was a smaller picture also. Now I have it too! I guess my uncle took the smaller one with him when he grew up and left home; therefore, I never knew it existed.


  1. I admire your list : )

    I'm ready for fall too, ready for Thanksgiving feasts & Christmas blessings : )

    Love your horse pictures & your family memories to go along with them :)

    Have a blessed week my sweet friend : )

  2. Love your post!! and so agree we are living
    in the ends times as the Bible is being
    fulfilled.. Just what my friend in VA said to
    me in her email last night...
    Awesome horse pictures one with black frame is the favorite...
    Many Blessings / Sweet Blog Friend
    Hugs Ladybug

  3. I, too, am anxiously awaiting for fall and lower electrical bills!!!
    I love the post and the horse picture is beautiful...treasure it always as I'm sure you do!
    God Bless!


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