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Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fresh Look...Cheery Change

I have been looking for a new comforter and shams for months now. Come to think of it, longer than that just not as much. You know me! I've told ya'll before that when I buy something, I buy exactly what makes me happy instead of settling. That doesn't mean I spend whatever I have to spend, in fact that's usually the deal breaker for me in what makes me happy. I'm never happy when I feel like I over spent or was taken to the cleaners as they say.

Isn't it beautiful? If you like country patchwork.

The old one below had literally been on our bed for years, except at Christmas each year when I put my snowman comforter on. It was past time for a fresh look, a cheery change!

But as you can see, I blended in the same skirt and throw so I didn't have to spend so much money. I slipped the burlap off of the pillows and recovered them with the beautiful yellow floral print that coordinates with our new comforter.

I also didn't have to change the chocolate brown curtains because we are changing the windows for french doors soon. I will probably only put blinds on the french doors. The paint chip is already hanging on the refrigerater so we can paint the room after hanging the doors. I'm keeping the red wall behind our bed and darkening the other three walls. If you know what color Jiff peanut butter is, then you know what color the walls will be.

Now here's a shocker. The new comforter and shams came from Walmart. I've looked at every store I could think of in the last few months finding nothing that made me happy. Then i had to shop at a different Walmart the other day and there it was. I got the last King size in this pattern and the last three shams. I'm mighty proud of myself. I'm sure it will be on our bed for years.


  1. LOVE!!! It looks so cheerful and cozy! Our walmart has really cut down alot on selection in the last couple years, you were lucky to find it;)

  2. Yes, I have seen that set at Walmart and I love it too! It's so hard to find just what you want and like you said... for a good price. I'm the same way, if I feel like I way overspent, I would not be happy at all but I don't just settle either. That is why it takes me so long to find just what I want. It's best to wait than to settle. I like how you are able to keep some pieces you already have and the wall color sounds beautiful! Love the red wall too!


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