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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fall Decorating poll for you!

Hey there, and thanks for dropping by Lillie Mae Acres today. It is so hot here, we haven't been doing much porch sitting. We've been drinking plenty of cold sweet tea though. How about you?

This is Florida! So although the weather man and calenders will officially announce fall in a little over a month, it's not going to feel like it around here for a very long time.

That's why my mom and I have fall fever so bad. We both have a very bad case of it and stores like Hobby Lobby are not helping. They have the prettiest stuff out already and all the candles and scents smell so good.

In years past, I've started my fall decorating throughout the month of September. In recent years, I've tried to control the fall fever and wait as long as possible. I just think that it's supposed to be cool weather outside when pumpkins and hay is sitting around and pumpkin spice scents are in the air. It's really hard here in Florida. It'll be warm on into October.

I'm trying my best to wait until at least October. That beautiful mom of mine is not making it easy for me either. She's already adding small touches a little at a time in her home. Soon she'll be lighting her candles. It'll be beautiful, but I can't let it tempt me to do the same.

So here is the poll for you.
When will you decorate your home for fall? And when will your weather start turning cool?


  1. Since I live in Central Florida, I completely identify with you about the hot weather - actually we rarely have any fall weather. But I love fall decor, so I usually begin putting mine out Labor Day weekend - I just can't seem to wait any longer than that.

  2. Here in PA it gets fairly cool by the end of September and that's usually when I get my fall stuff out:)

  3. We live in Ontario, Canada, and so our fall comes in around early October. It can be absolutely gorgeous up here for fall, many years we get a nice long extended one, and it is just gorgeous.

    Funny story about fall decorating, though... it used to be my absolute favorite season to decorate for, maybe even more than Christmas! BUT- when I got pregnant two years ago I had terrible, horrible nausea for the first give months and the worst was the first trimester. And when was that? The fall! As such, i know this might sound crazy but I actually literally got *sick* of the fall decorations I had out! Still, two years later, I am wary of them... but I think in say another year the association will have worn off and i'll be able to decorate for fall again. Isn't that funny? :)

  4. I am a lover of fall and would leave it out year round in my home, but my family won't let me... and yes, I've tried before.

    Living in central US in Oklahoma, our weather is about as crazy as it gets. You never know if we will get the cold fronts from the north, or hot ones from the south which is why we have so many tornadoes around here. The weather can't make up it's mind what it wants to do. We have been getting up in the 100's during the day but it's been getting down in the 70's and even 60's in the night so by early morning or evening time we have some pretty nice cool weather.

    I always pull my totes out of the attic the week the kids go back to school so about the middle of August. Then I spend the next 2 weeks decorating. I take my time and I have SO much because fall is my absolute favorite to decorate, even more so than Christmas. So this is the week I will be getting it out. I also leave mine up until the first weekend in December... haha, that's how much I LOVE it! I get to look at the beautiful colors for over 3 months and it makes my heart happy. =] ... and my family puts up with it so I guess that makes us all happy.

  5. The weather usually starts to cool down in mid to late September. I will wait until then--probably--to bring out my 'fall' stuff. It's my favorite season, so it's hard to wait!

  6. I usually start decorating for fall the first week in September, but, unfortunately, I live in the desert, so we have no fall, it won't cool down, and that means the 80's until November, OH how I miss N.Y. and the seasons!


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