Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stay Tuned for Fall 2011

Hey there. I've been decorating for fall a few days early so I can't wait to sit down and post about it. My mom and I are going shopping tomorrow so no telling what we'll find. Stay tuned!
I can't wait to start seeing all of your fall posts. have a blessed evening.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just a List and Much Treasured Horse Pictures

Here's just a list off the top of my head or from a small portion of the inside of my head of whatever I'm thinking about:
1. I enjoyed shopping and lunch with my beautiful mother today.
2. I love the fact that it's almost fall and will actually start cooling down one of these days here in Florida...towards early Oct probably.
3. I'm really trying to keep my small farmhouse home extra clean these days so tidying up is all that's needed. Did I really just put that on here?
4. I'm already wondering where to put the big family Christmas tree this year.
5. I have fall fever so bad but am making myself wait until after Labor Day to decorate.
6. It's almost time to mow the grass again and am wondering how many more times we'll have to do it this year.
7. Excited about Thanksgiving and cooking.
8. Kind of shaking my head about the earthquake in Virginia today, but I do realize that we are living in the end days, and the Bible is being fulfilled.
9. Sitting here creating this posting, it's 9:31pm and listening to hubby SNORE.
10. Loving the new horse picture my uncle surprised me with. Picture below.

Well I got the ten things and decided to stop. The large fabric horse picture behind my couch was given to me by my uncle a few years ago. When he was a teen, he went through the cowboy phase. Don't all young men? Matthew sure did and we still have the horse out in the pasture to prove it...still feeding her...still paying a farrier to come out for trimmings...still repairing fences...still have a tac room full of saddles, blankets, bridles, ropes, ointments,etc.

Back to number ten.

My grandmother had a lady make this fabric horse picture, and it hung in my grandparent's home until they passed away. As a child we were not allowed to touch it, several of the horses are stuffed for a 3-D effect so of course we wanted to mash them. Long story short, I never knew there was a smaller picture also. Now I have it too! I guess my uncle took the smaller one with him when he grew up and left home; therefore, I never knew it existed.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

That's My Niece

The older Lily gets the more talented she gets. Yep, that's my niece. I'm so proud of her that I'm going to take at least some of the credit for her talent. Her mommy called me this morning and told me Lily and her grandmother were "building" a house out of a huge box, and decorating it with construction paper.

Look how adorable!!

I've been a busy bee today. I've mowed grass, watered everything, cleaned up the yards, and floated around the pool almost falling asleep. Now, what should we have for supper here on Lillie Mae Acres tonight? Sure wish I didn't have to cook.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fall Decorating poll for you!

Hey there, and thanks for dropping by Lillie Mae Acres today. It is so hot here, we haven't been doing much porch sitting. We've been drinking plenty of cold sweet tea though. How about you?

This is Florida! So although the weather man and calenders will officially announce fall in a little over a month, it's not going to feel like it around here for a very long time.

That's why my mom and I have fall fever so bad. We both have a very bad case of it and stores like Hobby Lobby are not helping. They have the prettiest stuff out already and all the candles and scents smell so good.

In years past, I've started my fall decorating throughout the month of September. In recent years, I've tried to control the fall fever and wait as long as possible. I just think that it's supposed to be cool weather outside when pumpkins and hay is sitting around and pumpkin spice scents are in the air. It's really hard here in Florida. It'll be warm on into October.

I'm trying my best to wait until at least October. That beautiful mom of mine is not making it easy for me either. She's already adding small touches a little at a time in her home. Soon she'll be lighting her candles. It'll be beautiful, but I can't let it tempt me to do the same.

So here is the poll for you.
When will you decorate your home for fall? And when will your weather start turning cool?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Welcome Mat

I am looking for a new welcome mat for the front porch. I want it to be welcoming, but it has got to be very durable. Believe me, it will get it's share of use. So here we go looking online to get some ideas. Nothing fancy for this farmhouse, nothing cute, but nothing too plain either.

The one below is on the Bed Bath and Beyond site, I like the stone look and that it's a half cirle.

The one above is very pretty. I found it on Amazon.

Personalized like below? Maybe, maybe not. I do like the coco mats though. They seem very durable, and it will be protected by the covered porch.

I really like the two below, both on the Lowes site.

I can already tell, this is gonna be a chore! I want the mat before I start decoraing for fall, probably at the end of next month. I guess I'll be doing some looking around. Thanks for dropping by!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fresh Look...Cheery Change

I have been looking for a new comforter and shams for months now. Come to think of it, longer than that just not as much. You know me! I've told ya'll before that when I buy something, I buy exactly what makes me happy instead of settling. That doesn't mean I spend whatever I have to spend, in fact that's usually the deal breaker for me in what makes me happy. I'm never happy when I feel like I over spent or was taken to the cleaners as they say.

Isn't it beautiful? If you like country patchwork.

The old one below had literally been on our bed for years, except at Christmas each year when I put my snowman comforter on. It was past time for a fresh look, a cheery change!

But as you can see, I blended in the same skirt and throw so I didn't have to spend so much money. I slipped the burlap off of the pillows and recovered them with the beautiful yellow floral print that coordinates with our new comforter.

I also didn't have to change the chocolate brown curtains because we are changing the windows for french doors soon. I will probably only put blinds on the french doors. The paint chip is already hanging on the refrigerater so we can paint the room after hanging the doors. I'm keeping the red wall behind our bed and darkening the other three walls. If you know what color Jiff peanut butter is, then you know what color the walls will be.

Now here's a shocker. The new comforter and shams came from Walmart. I've looked at every store I could think of in the last few months finding nothing that made me happy. Then i had to shop at a different Walmart the other day and there it was. I got the last King size in this pattern and the last three shams. I'm mighty proud of myself. I'm sure it will be on our bed for years.