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Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, May 16, 2011

This and That on A Monday

Hey there everyone. Here in Florida, we are having the prettiest weather. We got a little rain over the weekend so now it's very chilly at night and in the mornings, then sunny and warm during the days. It's already May so we know it won't last long so we're trying to soak in every minute of it. How's your weather?

I am a mama that loves her kid! We are both so proud of him and the young man he has grown up to be. Last night before we left for church, I just had to have a picture of him wearing this red tie. He wears it on stage sometimes, so decided to try it out on the church folks. LOL

He told the pastor he was going for the Scruggs look. You know Earl Scruggs, which of course is one of his banjo pickin' heroes.

Matthew was out of town last weekend until Sunday afternoon. So of course I was sulking a little, having a pity party because my boy wasn't here on Mother's Day. Both of the groups he picks in was booked at a festival from Friday thru Saturday, then they had to travel home Sunday (Mother's Day). But look what beautiful vegetable plaques he gave me. He went shopping while he was away and picked these out. He has good taste I'm telling ya'll.
This is not the first time he's shawn me that. He's the one that picked out our living room area rugs. I had another print in mind and he pointed out all the negatives about it until he sold me on the one we got. No regrets either! He was right about the colors and print.

The Hickory farmhouse kitchen table is all finished. We ate our first meal on it last night after church. We're missing one of the side chairs because Wayne noticed a crack in a bottom rung when oiling it. It'll be about two weeks before the replacement rung is in. Then all three will be down the same side.

Total seating for the seven foot long table is eight, maybe nine if a fourth person can squeeze in on the six foot long bench. I told Wayne and Matthew that they still have to turn it over and sign and date it with the wood burner.

I'm usually in the city on Mondays but decided to clean housse today and grocery shop tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day filled with laughter, love, and letting SONshine in. See ya'll later right back here on Lillie Mae Acres.


  1. Your wonderful boy makes me smile, love the tie:D I am drooling over that table, how gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Absolutely the best! And made to perfect is that???

  3. I love the table, the plaques, and your amazing son. You are very blessed.

  4. How sweet of your boy to think of you and bring you home something special. That's really nice... you brought him up right. =] Great pictures of you all too!

    The table is gorgeous! One of these years I will have a big farmhouse table. Enjoy it girl!


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