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Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Easter Weekend

Such a beautiful time of year. Such a meaningful time of the year. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend and Resurrection Sunday.

We enjoyed a family gathering at my mom's home enjoying great food and watching the little ones hunt eggs.

It ended up being a wonderful weekend, but Friday was really scary for us. My poor little GSdog Banjo started having seizures. He had four Friday, and now we realize that he did have one a little over a month ago.

Banjo is only 2 1/2 years old, so a major health issue like a brain tumor is unlikely. Let me back up a little, over a month ago he had one but we explained it away as a bad dream and him getting hung up under a low foot stool. By the time I heard the commotion and got into the room, he really looked terrified and was trying to fight his way out from under the stool in a dark room. We wasn't aware of a medical problem. Then before daylight Friday morning, he woke us up having one because he sleeps on his bed on the floor at the foot of ours. He was in a full seizure so we kept him on the floor, he was shaking violently so we rubbed him and called his name telling him it would be ok. Then he wanted outside, so we walked out with him, he appeared to be blind and deaf, and was very disoriented. He had another one shortly after, so we headed to the vet. We use a vet clinic that specializes in farm animals also, they are located about 30+ miles further in the country, but were waiting on us. Long story short, he came home after blood work on Valium and antibiotics, had two more seizures that day/night, and none since. The blood work showed nothing but low potassium, so after the antibiotics are finished and he's weaned off of the Valium...we'll see if he has another one. If so, he'll have to go on Phenobarbital, which I sure don't want but if that's what he needs!
With all of the above happening Friday with our precious dog, that sweet hubby of mine stayed home with Banjo Saturday so Matthew and I could go be with family and enjoy no stress for a few hours. I hope you enjoy the pictures below of our day.


  1. OH MY, poor Banjo:( I will def. be saying lots of prayers for him! I can understand your thoughts about the meds but sometimes they can make all the difference! My GSD has Addison's disease and she gets a hormone injection every 8 weeks and is good to go, without the injection she would die.She has been getting the shots for 5 years now. Lovely Easter pics of your family and lots of love and prayers for Mr. Banjo:)

  2. P.S. Just wanted to add, I'm sure they have, but make sure they test Banjo for Lyme disease as it can cause seizures;)

  3. Thank you Carmen. Yes, the blood work showed no known cause for the seizures and he's always been on flea/tick/heartworm protection. The small possibility that there is infection effecting his nuerological system is why she put him on antibiotics, although the blood work didn't show any. That would of course be a good thing, because he wouldn't ever need the Pheno.
    You're right though, if that's what will enable him to live a happy normal life we'll certainly put him on it; although, it does have side effects. have a wonderful evening and thank you so much for praying for Banjo.

  4. Oh goodness! Sorry to hear about Banjo. I hope all is well now and no seizures. Poor thing!

    You all had a wonderful time, I can tell by the pictures. Family is precious and so is the time spent with them. Too bad Wayne couldn't join you but how sweet of him to stay so you could enjoy yourself.


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