Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Cookbooks & A New Patio Cover

Hey there strangers! Well, I've been reading blogs, just not posting new ones very often. So it's me that's the stranger I guess!

I'm still excited about being in two new Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. I've already received my copies in the mail and I think they'll be in stores later this month.

I have one recipe in each book. In the book titled Mom's Very Best Recipes, my recipe is on page 123. It's a stuffed squash recipe and a yummy one. My mom made this for us growing up and it was and still is a favorite of mine. I am proud to say that Matthew even eats it and he's not a big squash eater.

In the book titled Best Ever Cookies, my recipe is on page 89. It's for yummy tea cakes and they are so simple even your hubby can make up a batch.

I just love Gooseberry Patch, don't you? I hope you'll look for these new GP cookbooks and try my recipes. Nothing beats good ole' country cookin'!

I'm also excited about our patio finally being covered. If you'll remember, we poured a huge patio from the back door to the pool last year. Our goal was also to cover half of it laast year but never got around to it. That wonderful talented hubby and equally as wonderful and talented son has just finished it. I'm so blessed with these two hard working guys of mine.

We have so much still to do. The wrought iron patio furniture has not been painted in several years so that needs doing. Lights need installing, and I found a cute little iron candle chandelier to hang over the table for citranella votives. My mom and I went into our local Kirklands last week and there it was, reduced in price, and too good to pass up! I'll have to take a picture once it is hung.

See my cute little ladybugs in the above photo? I gave them a fresh coat of paint today, but initially painted these little river stones a long time ago. They came from the Smoky Mountains. I plan to try to paint a few up like bees and frogs too this year.

In my last few posts I mentioned my new pantry. Well the pantry is done, just still no door. We did buy the wooden screen door from Lowes, and hubby has taken it apart to resize it, so that's still to be complete. Don't you just love spring and all the exciting projects getting done around the house? We do. Once summer temps set in, it's really hard to be motivated for extra projects so they're getting done now.

I hope your temperatures have already been warming up wherever you are. I hope you've been enjoying good health and happy blessed filled days. Thanks for dropping by Lillie Mae Acres to see what all we've been doing. See ya later!

The beautiful Amaryllis above was my dad's. I have several of his potted and taking care of them for him since he is in Heaven enjoying the beautiful gardens up there. This one just bloomed and the others are fixing to.


  1. The patio looks wonderful!!! I love how Banjo snuck into that one pic, LOL, gotta love a shepherd!!! Love those cute ladybugs too;)

  2. Thank you as always Carmen. Yes, anyone that does not know about Shepherds is really missing out. He's big in size, heart, and bite, BUT oh such a playful little mama's boy.
    I would love everyone's opinion on an outdoor rug for under the table. Are they worth it, do you have one, should I?

  3. Congratulations on being published in GBP! YAY for you! I love their cookbooks too. In fact, I think we met each other from GBP's blog? I don't have either of those books but when I do, I'll definitely be looking up your recipes!

    You have a very nice patio and I know you all will be spending many mornings and evenings enjoying the beautiful view and great company. I would be out there every single day if I lived there. =]


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