Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Saturday, April 30, 2011

FAMILY table

That sweet talented husband of mine and a friend of his (cabinet maker) is building my new beautiful kitchen table and bench at the friend's shop. The five unfinished Windsor chairs that I ordered sit here tucked in corners of the LR waiting for their turn.

Here's the plan:
Wayne couldn't build anything that big in his overcrowded work shop with the sawdust floor, and this friend of his does beautiful work. So using my design on crumpled paper from years ago, Wayne went and picked out Hickory from somewhere (sawmill?), and it's all being built in the nice cabinet shop. It's causing him to be home late some evenings, but that's ok.
When it's built, Wayne and Matthew will haul the table and bench home to their shop and haul the five Windsors out there. They will both stain, finish, tongue oil, whatever! Wayne won't tell me anything for sure and I'm not even aloud to see a picture. I'll be banned from the work shop, but that's ok. It's my dream table and I've been waiting for years so I won't cheat and look.
I know the table dimensions are 36" x 7'. I know the bench will tuck under both legs on one side (the side facing my kitchen counter) and I know the 3 unarmed Windsors will fit perfectly along the other side with each armed chair on each end. That's it, that's all I'm sure of. I sort of wanted to have my hands in this major project too but I'll just wait.
This is going to be an heirloom piece, so I haven't "settled" for anything found in stores that was even similar to what we wanted. The table and bench will be signed underneath by all three of them, to be passed down for generations.

About a year ago, Matthew finally got it in his head that everything we build and put love into is heirloom, HIS heirlooms. Pieces of furniture or decor that will help make his house a home many years from now. We could tell instantly that when that clicked with him, a since of pride took over and he finally understood why Wayne wants everything to be near perfect. Now Matthew is even trying to do everything he does around here as good as he can.

What style of table? Well, some pictures I see online are labeled Harvest Table, others are labeled Farmhouse Table. So mine will be somewhere in those styles. What I know is that it is going to be our family table in our farmhouse kitchen and will be the setting for many many many blessed meals for ourselves and those we love dearly.

I can already see Wayne's mom's hurricane lamp sitting in the center or a beautiful flower arrangement. I can already see my Phaltzgraff Folk Art china on it, I can already see people sitting around, laughing and enjoying a meal together. I can already see sweet tea and our favorite meals sitting on it, and I can already tell you that it's going to be beautiful. A beautiful heirloom for us to enjoy, Matthew to enjoy, his children to enjoy, etc., etc. I just have to be patient for a little while longer for my dream FAMILY table.

Have a wonderful weekend. Please keep everyone devastated by the storms in your thoughts and prayers. They are our neighbors, they are children of God, and they need help.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Real Florida commercial featuring Matthew
Click on: Special Events and Organizers
Click on: Orange and Bluegrass Festival (it's currently the 1st listed)
The video commercial starts out with The Bluegrass Pilgrims (Matthew on the banjo) and it ends with them also after all the little business ads. ENJOY!

Our Easter Weekend

Such a beautiful time of year. Such a meaningful time of the year. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend and Resurrection Sunday.

We enjoyed a family gathering at my mom's home enjoying great food and watching the little ones hunt eggs.

It ended up being a wonderful weekend, but Friday was really scary for us. My poor little GSdog Banjo started having seizures. He had four Friday, and now we realize that he did have one a little over a month ago.

Banjo is only 2 1/2 years old, so a major health issue like a brain tumor is unlikely. Let me back up a little, over a month ago he had one but we explained it away as a bad dream and him getting hung up under a low foot stool. By the time I heard the commotion and got into the room, he really looked terrified and was trying to fight his way out from under the stool in a dark room. We wasn't aware of a medical problem. Then before daylight Friday morning, he woke us up having one because he sleeps on his bed on the floor at the foot of ours. He was in a full seizure so we kept him on the floor, he was shaking violently so we rubbed him and called his name telling him it would be ok. Then he wanted outside, so we walked out with him, he appeared to be blind and deaf, and was very disoriented. He had another one shortly after, so we headed to the vet. We use a vet clinic that specializes in farm animals also, they are located about 30+ miles further in the country, but were waiting on us. Long story short, he came home after blood work on Valium and antibiotics, had two more seizures that day/night, and none since. The blood work showed nothing but low potassium, so after the antibiotics are finished and he's weaned off of the Valium...we'll see if he has another one. If so, he'll have to go on Phenobarbital, which I sure don't want but if that's what he needs!
With all of the above happening Friday with our precious dog, that sweet hubby of mine stayed home with Banjo Saturday so Matthew and I could go be with family and enjoy no stress for a few hours. I hope you enjoy the pictures below of our day.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Matt's Been a Pickin'

We've been on the road. We've been busy packing up, unpacking, loading, unloading, constantly going, little sleep, etc. Don't even get me started on the yucky fast food and junk we've put in our bellies. Mine let me know it too, so I just started starving until I could get some vegetables. But oh how FUN! Oh how rewarding to watch our son do what he loves! SWEETWATER RUN playing at The Orange and Bluegrass Festival this weekend. Matthew is an award winning banjo picker and Garrett is an award winning fiddle player (although in all these pics he's got his guitar) so this group is catching on BIG and getting a lot of attention. The BLUEGRASS PILGRIMS are below. Matthew is also their banjo picker. These are good Christian friends of ours and Matthew claims them as his second set of parents because he enjoys camping at some of the festivals with them and has learned a lot from them. Below is another great band called DEEPSOUTH. Garrett is also in this band with his dad on the base. Below is GRASS ROOTS, also a local favorite of ours. SWEETWATER RUN debuted their white suits to a packed crowd Friday evening at The Farmer's Opry White Sands Music Festival. We had a ruff time getting white suits and shoes pulled together. Took a little more effort than say black or brown, but well worth it. And Samantha (fiddle player and lead singer) always picks out the prettiest dresses. Now we are HOME SWEET HOME resting. I think Matthew's words were, "just let me sleep until I get up". He'll probably sleep through lunch. Wayne and I are just about to fix us some tomato sausage gravy, we may save Matt some we may not. Have a wonderful day, see ya later!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ready for the Heat, Well Almost

It's beginning to look a lot like summer around here! We've been working so hard cleaning and fixing so all we have to do is just maintain when the real heat of summer sets in.

Matthew and I've been busy busy busy trying to locate, go get, and order items that he needs for one of the bands he's in. Do you know how hard it is to locate a white double breasted suit for a guy that's right at 6'2", and find a pair of white oxfords in size 15? Lucky for us there is a great little suit shop within about 37 miles, but he doesn't sell shoes. We have just located the white God Father hat online, but too late for tonight's performance. We'll have to order it next week. We went through this same hunt and chase last month pulling together the black suit, shoes, hat, and several shirt and tie sets for different looks. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

We're just about to leave for a festival about 2 hours from here, then another festival tomorrow. I wonder if I'll get to lounge around after church Sunday and enjoy all our hard work around the yards?

Have a GREAT weekend folks. See ya later.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh, This Blooming Weather

I'm so glad you stopped by Lillie Mae Acres today, let's enjoy a walk around outside and see what's in bloom so far. It's just too pretty to stay inside isn't it? The chickens and guineas are enjoying spring along with Shadow and Banjo. Shadow wouldn't come out from the shade for me to take a pretty picture of her, but who can blame her. We're already seeing temps into the 80s. I've painted river rocks to sit around. I have a few ladybugs, bees, and a flower so far.

Well, are you tired and hot? After such a long tour you probably are so let's step inside the farmhouse for a cool glass of ice tea and I'll give you a peek at my pantry door. Wayne is not finished with it yet, he's got some work to do along with wrapping the hallway walls in knotty pine and staining the trim. But you can get the idea.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today. Thank you for stopping by, you're welcome to do so anytime.