Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Slowwww Progress, But Every Litl' Bit Counts

Hey there everyone! How's everyone doing these days? I'm sorry I haven't been posting regular in a while, there always seems to be SOMETHING that takes my attention from it. I haven't been keeping up and commenting as much either, but plan to get back into that routine. I know I've missed a lot and have a lot of reading to do! I miss it with my morning coffee, but with the weather warming up like it has been here in Florida, pretty soon I'll probably be able to sit outside and enjoy coffee, Bible reading, then blogging in the mornings. I miss that all winter!

The major spring projects are slowwwwly getting started around Lillie Mae Acres.

Here's a SNEAK PEAK at what is going to be my new kitchen pantry. It was our central air conditioner closet until we got a new heat pump unit installed so now everything is outside. What better way to make use of the space since it's just a step or two from the main kitchen area.

The inside will be the same pretty yellow as my kitchen backsplash, I think I'm the lucky one that gets to paint it tomorrow after church. Wayne already primed it and painted one coat of the yellow, then he caulked it after building the shelves. It'll be ready for the final coat tomorrow. He's got to frame the door opening out. The pantry door will be a beautiful wooden screen door painted barnyard red with an antique fork (from my very own family) bent and attached for the door handle. Just wait and see, it's gonna be purdy!

I had Lily today and keeping her out of the freshly painted wet area was a trick. Sneaky little thing kept going in and stomping on the floor when she found out she wasn't supposed to. Luckily, it was almost dry!
I'll post the pictures as soon as it's all done. I'm so excited!


  1. It sounds lovely! I love the red screen door and fork handle idea. Very farmhouse......Can't wait to see the pics. I know it sure will be "purdy". Blessings!

  2. How exciting ~ I can't wait to see that pantry all stocked full of food so Lillie Mae can make up some yummy homemade treats ~ That screen door will be the icing on the cake !! Enjoyed your pictures of pretty Miss Lily too ♥

  3. I can't wait to see the pantry either! I just love your home!
    Lily is so precious!

  4. My hubby turned the closet in our spare bedroom into a pantry. It is a godsend. I use it to store home-canned goods! You will love the storage!

  5. You are so going to love your new pantry!


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