Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not Much Going On Right Now

Look what my sweet friend Benita made for me. She is always creating and finding the prettiest and cutest graphics to send. Thank you Benita!

Not much has been going on around here, the improvement projects are SLOWWWWWWWLY getting started, and not fast enough for me. The pantry, the covered patio, and the farmhouse/harvest table for the kitchen. That's the three BIG projects on the list that is vital for my sanity.

I've already purchased the paint to freshin up the iron patio furniture, I saw a few rust spots the other day. I've been outside inspecting my plants and am glad to say that most everything survived winter. A lot of green is popping through the dirt.

Here's a thrifty find to report to ya'll. The Dollar General has a good selection of garden flags for $1.50 each. It's the ones for the iron stake, not the wooden poles. But I have a few from Michaels and the quality of these seem just as good. I've paid $6 for some of the ones from Michaels. They also have the stakes and then also have the sets. Maybe if you're interested you can find some at your DG too.

I hope all of you are enjoying warmer weather. I know it's not beautiful everywhere yet, I know some of you are still covered in snow. Here in Florida it has been averaging 70's and even low 80's most days. Don't be jealous of us though because you know we'll be in the 100's, windless, and sometimes little rain in a couple of months and we will be suffering.

Hopefully, I'll have some exciting news of at least one completed projest real soon. Thank you for stopping back by, as always each and every follower and reader is appreciated!


  1. Oh thank you for the compliment Denise !! I've been wondering about your projects ~ did you find shades for your light fixture yet ? I know how hard it is to wait when it comes to home improvements !! LOL It will look so nice when your hubby is finished though : )
    Our temps are still in the 30's & 40's ~ I can't wait til spring comes and I can see beautiful flowers again !
    Enjoy your evening at Lillie Mae Acres ~ luv ya ♥

  2. I'll have to check our DG for those flags:) High here in the low 40's today, but for us that is GOOD, LOL!!!

  3. I love the Dollar store! We have been having lots of sunshine too. Still a bit chilly but the sunshine is great! I cannot wait to see al the finished projects. blessings and enjoy that warmth!

  4. Love the graphic Benita made for you! She's such a darling! Dollar General is an awesome store...Can't wait to see your patio!
    Have a lovely weekend, my sweet friend! <3


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