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Lillie Mae Acres

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just a Sneaky Peeky

Hey there! HAPPY SPRING to you, I hope your weather is SONshiny and beautiful where you live. It sure has been pretty here. I've been outside a lot getting things all clean and cutesy (is that a word) and seeing what all survived the cold temps of winter. A lot of my plants did, and I have to admit that I didn't do much to protect them. I've also been enjoying my clothesline more and more. I love my clothesline! I'm seriously thinking about doing what my friend Lisa does. She uses good liquid fabric softener in the wash (which I already do), and she actually hangs her towels out then just fluffs them up in the dryer for about 5-10 minutes. I wonder if the energy savings would actually be enough to be worth it? I already hang our sheets, jeans, and work clothes. And anything big and bulky like comforters.

This is exciting! Here's just a little sneaky peeky at something that I will be posting about later in the week. Hopefully!

It's not finished yet. You'll just have to wait and practice MUCH patience like I always have to do with all of our DIY projects around Lille Mae Acres. Of course almost every thing that goes on is a DIY project unless it's something that we just can't handle on our own.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a blessed Sunday evening and week, filled with SONshine, love, and joy!


  1. That pantry is looking wonderful and I love that there are beggin' strips in there for Banjo;) I love using the clothesline too and can't wait for it to warm up a bit more here to do so:)

  2. Hehe, yes he does get his share of treats. The cans of dog food are a nightly treat. We have to buy dry food by the 50lb bag, so of course it's in the washroom. Banjo is a SPOILED BRAT!
    Thank you, we got the screen door yesterday but Wayne has to cut it down to fit, then paint it the beautiful red I picked out. Stay tuned!


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