Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

We've just been busy busy busy around Lillie Mae Acres. How about you, have you been busier than usual around your lovely home? Spring weather always brings new energy and ideas. If you're still having old man winter outside your backdoor, don't envy us. Just know that those of us down here in the south that have early springs, end up with scorching summer temps way earlier than you too.

My two favorite guys were busy all last week working on the backside of our home, so nothing new got done inside. It's VERY rare for that sweet hubby of mine to take a whole week off, so last week he devoted it to putting a metal roof over half of our patio/pool area. It really blocks a lot of the evening sun and will help with our electric bill too. It's taking us a little time to get used to it because now the sun is not blasting though our back windows so it kind of seems like it's cloudy outside.

One of the Bluegrass groups Matthew picks in had a big night Saturday and performed very well. They did so good! I haven't been to any of their practices so a lot of the songs were new to me and I could tell that they have been working real hard.

I found my Lily a BEAUTIFUL Easter dress at JC Penneys today so tomorrow I hope she'll let me take some pretty pictures of her outside. We'll see. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and thanks so much for dropping by.

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