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Lillie Mae Acres

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spring CONSTRUCTION vs cleaning...oh my!

We all know there is a huge difference in cleaning and construction. My home has never been completely finished so something small is under construction most of the time. But now, it's big projects that we are trying to get done before spring.

I've been semi-spring cleaning since clearing away the Christmas decorations. Doing all the little corners, nooks, and drawers properly. It's almost fun yet stressful when you have to stop until you have just the right item that will help. My wonderful mom helped me complete mine and Wayne's closet yesterday by finding and picking up just the right little set of drawers for the closet floor while she was in the city. Thank you mom, I love you!
The CONSTRUCTION is awful. That dear sweet hubby told me the new air conditioner was coming this week, it wouldn't take too long for the men to install it. Well, they're coming back today to complete what they started yesterday morning at 8:30a.m. I have HUGE holes in walls for new ducts, a HUGE hole in the side of my house, and the furniture in two rooms is all pulled out in the middle of the floors. Kind of hard to clean and relax this way. Plus they had to dig up my satellite dish and we lost service. Thankfully hubby fixed it after they left, we all know how long it takes Direct TV to come fix stuff.
I'm really not complaining.
Our old unit was not going to make it so when the heat sets in I'll be so glad we have air. But the air is just a small part of construction. My back porch, half the patio, and my wash room is fixing to be UNDER construction, a KEEP OUT zone for a few days probably. Not complaining though, when we are enjoying it for the rest of our lives I'll think back on this mess as a good thing.
Oh and one more construction project, a NEW PANTRY. Our new central heat and air is all outside now, so that left a nice size closet in the hallway, just a few steps from the kitchen. Guess who claimed it! Guess who has already showed hubby the screen door she wants hung? Guess who needs to find the antique forks her mom gave her a long time ago that belonged to great and great great grandparents?
You're now wondering why I need to find the forks, right? Well it's because I'm going to pick one out, bend it into a handle/pull for the screen door and use that instead of a regular one.
That's it! That's my week in a nutshell. It's been hectic, but oh how I love God and my life. I praise him for every big thing and every little thing. I praise Him for all the wonderful family and friends that I have (including my blogging buddies) and I even praise Him and thank Him for life's lessons.
So how was your week? Do you have spring fever as bad as I do? I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Know where you're coming can be hectic...we are just getting things put back together after a fire...lots of work to do your post..hang in there...
    interesting idea about the fork handle...


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