Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not Hard to have a Kitchen Like Grandma

It's really not all that hard to achieve the look and feel of a down home farmhouse kitchen, kind of like grandma's. I'm not talking about having cabinets and walls just like grandma, I'm talking about the feel, atmosphere, overall simplicity and look. The fun kitchen that everyone likes to hang out in.

I'm no expert, so the following is just my humble thoughts and opinions about the makings of a true farmhouse kitchen. As I was heavily cleaning mine this morning after breakfast, I thought of this because my farmhouse kitchen is truly my favorite room in our home.

To accomplish the look and feel, you don't need to set your mind on one certain theme or color. Farmhouse is the theme and style. Generations before us didn't concentrate and spend tons of money buying everything to match. It's just that simple. Of course you also don't have to do without modern luxuries like the dishwasher and microwave, I know I'm not going to have a wood burning stove like my ancestors instead of an electric one.

You don't have to start a collection of one thing, you don't have to find a store that sells chicken, apple, or sunflower themed kitchen items. Of course if you already have a beautiful collection of something, that will fit right in with other items too when placed around the room. And don't be scared to actually use your pretty collections and stuff. Why just look at it and never use it? I have collected Pfaltzgraff Folk Art dishes since the 80's, and consider this my china pattern not my everyday dishes. I actually use them though whenever I want and enjoy doing so.

You can start by plundering through the back of your cabinets. I bet you'll find something in there to inspire you. Something you forgot you even have! Something with memories and meaning, like maybe an old plate or bowl that someone handed down to you a long time ago. Maybe mom or grandma? Maybe an old wedding gift or flea market find? If you like it, use it! If you want to display it, do so! I love using old bowls to actually mix in, serve out of, store in, display fresh eggs in.

A beautiful farmhouse kitchen is yours for the making! It's simple and not matchy matchy, it's stress free. Whatever you have, love, see, find, etc. And for goodness sakes, don't cover that window up with heavy blinds and curtains. Keep it light and let the SONlight through. Let Him shine through your kitchen and home.

We remodeled and enlarged our kitchen a few years ago and I knew the look and feel I wanted and needed was Farmhouse. Our home is small and in the middle of the woods; therefore, I've always decorated and kept it simple. Simple and very comfortable, making sure to include cherished items we love and use, hand me downs, heirlooms, and junkin' trip treasures.

Right now, my seven foot long farmhouse table is in the building process while the unfinished steam bent Windsor chairs are on order. The table legs won't match the chair legs. I don't want them to. We are also converting the old air conditioner closet into my new pantry. We will hang a screen door for the pantry door and use an old silver fork from one of my ancestors for the handle/pull. A lot of changes are on the way for my kitchen, but the look and feel will remain!

I guess the very best thing about the look and feel of a simple farmhouse kitchen is that it doesn't cost a lot of money. It's just taking what you have to work with and changing it, adding to it, taking away what you don't want and bringing in what you do. And it happens over time. It's not a weekend project. You don't have to run to the store or hop on Ebay and BUY BUY BUY. Just take your time and enjoy every minute of it.

I've never wanted any room in my home to look like it came from the housewares department at Walmart or Target. Or that I ordered everything off of a page in one of my favorite prim or country magazines. Mix it all up, use old and new. It's no fun if your kitchen looks just like your neighbors or sisters.

Ok, that's my opinion on how to achieve a wonderful kitchen, one that it's fun to plan and cook meals in for the family. A room that will constantly remind you of simple days gone by, wonderful family and friends, maybe help you create healthier meals, and maybe even bring the family in to cook and enjoy time together.

P.S. Don't forget to display and actually use those aprons! They are pretty and useful. I keep at least one hanging close to the stove at all times. I try to remember to put it on, especially when frying.

See ya later.


  1. Grand post!! I love the screen door on the pantry look, although it isn't a possiblity in my farmhouse kitchen. Your table also sounds like a dream. I am looking forward to your sharing all your wonderful changes.


  2. Lillie Mae Acres....I so love your attitude towards the kitchen. I truly believe deep down I am a farmhouse kinda girl. I love prims, french country and shabby chic. I believe farmhouse country style has all three. Blessings and thanks for the inspiration.


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