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Lillie Mae Acres

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fever has Returned

Well, I've got it. I've got it real bad, and a bad case of it. I think most of us already have it because of this C*O*L*D winter, unthinkable C*O*L*D.

I'm talking about spring fever, but I guess it could have sounded like I was talking about the flu. Praise the Lord I haven't had that!

I'm ready to clean up the backyard and decorate around the pool. Oh it'll be a while yet before I can do that! I've made the mistake of decorating for spring too early one too many times. I've made the mistake of buying new plants one too many times. Spring brings little surprises with her. Cool, frosty, very windy little surprises at the beginning.

Did you notice the beautiful glass milk bottles in the first two pictures? My sweet little niece brought them back from her Christmas vacation in Kansas City, Missouri. That's what their milk is in. Still! I haven't seen glass milk bottles in a long time around this area, but the last of our local dairies has disappeared too. That may have a lot to do with it. She knew my mom and I would go crazy for them so her and her hubby hauled their empty ones all the way back, different sizes. She said chocolate milk came in the real little ones. CUTE! I just love them.

There is some redecorating going on around here, so as something new get's completed I'll be in a hurry to post about it with pictures. But no matter what get's done, I just about now that there is not going to be a cure for my spring fever. I guess since it came on and came on strong very early in the year, I'm really going to have to suffer with it. I'll be ok, I'll try to slow down the wheels spinning in this ole' head of ideas, wants, needs, preparations, etc.

Something that will take my mind off of it is Matthew's birthday at the end of next month. He's wanting me to host a big bluegrass gathering here at home, we'll see. His birthday celebrations have always depended on the weather. Winter/February is not the best time of the year to have a birthday. Too C*O*L*D for outdoor entertaining and activities, yet a crowd indoors is always hard to plan for. We'll see!

Stay warm, dry, and safe. See ya later!


  1. Howdy there Denise!!
    Oh Goodness I love those milk bottles, I can't believe people still use them. I saw some at the Thrift store the other day, but they were way overpriced!

    Your home looks lovely as always....

    Enjoy this beautiful weather we're having, dont' be in too much of a hurry...remember what follows spring...Our LONG HOT HUMID summers!

  2. Girl, I know what you mean about Spring Fever! I've got it bad! Thank goodness we've had sunshine for the past few days...I was about to go nuts from the gloomy days!
    I love your milk bottles. I collect them also, but I've had to buy mine from estate sales!
    Your dishes are beautiful too!!


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