Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So Warm and Blessed

It's C*O*L*D everywhere these days. We personally haven't seen snow or sleet or flurries here on Lillie Mae Acres, and that's just fine with me at this point. It happens every year. When the holidays are over and I get our home cleaned up and back to it's regular decor, I'm done with winter. That's funny, because really it's just begun! I am so warm (inside) and so blessed. I'm really not complaining because I have no right to, God is GREAT and in total control of every aspect of my life.

I'm not miserable with all this cold, the excitement of possible snow is just no longer thrilling to me. If it does snow this far south, I will go outside and play though! I'll take advantage of it. I am very glad we didn't go to the mountains for a Christmas vacation, the news reports are showing people snowed in rental cabins (some of the very ones we were considering)and newcomers are told when they book to bring chains, extra food just in case, etc. We DO NOT own chains and do not know how to use them, LOL! We'll just wait thank you.

So how's it going around your neck of the woods? I've enjoyed two early morning coffee get togethers here since Christmas, enjoying good Christian fellowship along with good food. A few days after Christmas my mom, sister, and neighbor came over and we just lounged around and talked after eating delicious homemade sausage gravy and biscuits. I usually make something sweet for morning coffees but decided everyone had probably had enough sweets and would like a warm comforting breakfast. I was right, they loved it. Then last week I invited a small group of church ladies/friends for morning coffee and lunch. We did the same thing, we enjoyed coffee and cream cheese pound cake, then I cooked up a delicious lunch for us all. I cooked sausage & onions to put over rice and baby Lima beans. We do eat good out here on Lillie Mae Acres.

The other big deal happening around here is that I'm getting used to bifocals. I was prescribed bifocals over a year ago and actually had a pair made. I decided that I didn't like the frame I chose, so I never wore them. The other day, I had a new exam and picked out two pairs of frames, had them made, and am very happy with them. I'm having to make myself keep them on when I'm reading and on the computer because out of habit I want to take them off. I've also been getting other doctor appointments and tests out of the way earlier this month and later this week I have another appointment. Starting the new year off right!

I've worn wire frames and frameless for years so this time I decided to go with the latest fad and go PLASTIC.

Here's the brown ones.

And here's the black ones. Of course my two favorite guys are calling me the professor.

We have so many home improvement jobs that we were going to start right before and after the holidays but nothing yet other than new ceiling fans hung. As always, we'll get to the projects when we get to them. We are do-it-yourselfers around here! It's nice having Lowes and Home Depot within driving distance so that they are handy when we have the money and time to do building projects. Lack of spare time has kept us from starting on the ones we are fixing to. No biggy, there is always tomorrow.

Wherever you are, stay safe and warm. Thank you for dropping by Lillie Mae Acres. Come back soon!

I have two new loves in my life. I'm madly in love with lotion, almost any scent from Victoria Secret since all of her stuff smells delicious! I've raided the BIG semi-annual sale twice now and thre's a lotion in almost every room of the house for me to lather in when I please. This could turn into an addiction!
I'm also in love with red and black buffalo checks. I'm thinking about finding me some of the fabric and making throw pillow covers for the living room for next Christmas.


  1. Oh how life is grand at Lillie Mae Acres ~ all that good cookin , cozy decorating & fellowship goin on ~ I sure wish I could stop by for a visit !! You look so adorable in your new glasses, I especially like the black ones on you!! You are such a pretty lil gal though, anything would look good on you : )
    Stay warm & cozy in front of that nice fireplace that your guys made for you & keep on enjoying that wonderful Lillie Mae Acres !!

  2. We have about 18 " total of snow on the ground here in PA:( I'm SO tired of it now, just want spring to come! You look beautiful in your new glasses:) I need to get my eyes checked, last time i did 2 yrs. ago they sold me $400. bifocals and I've never worn them, I see better without them, it's so strange!

  3. i was listening to the news and it said there was snow of some sort in every state in the United States with the exception of Hawaii. We have lots here. Love the black frame glasses. I just had a new exam...escaped bi-focals...shewwwww! I ordered new frames too. I will get mine in a few days. Blessings and enjoy the weather and the new glasses!

  4. We had some snow earlier in the week but now it's just plain cold. Your fire looks so inviting! I love red and black buffalo checks too.


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