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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So Pretty, So Red, So Useful, Great Price

NOPE, I do not get paid by anyone for anything I put in my blog postings. I sure wish I did though.

My new best favorite shopping place right now is World Market. I've looked around in there a few times but never really bought much from them. A little thing here and there. But when I seen this past Sunday's sale ad, I knew what I wanted to go look at Monday before grocery shopping. I spent some time plundering around on the internet Sunday afternoon, doing valuable research and looking over anything similar, reading a lot of reviews.

Here they are! The prettiest red leather storage cube ottomans I could find. I did my research.

For the price, I couldn't get a better deal. I have been fighting the famous electronic cable/cord war for too long. I know when hubby puts the cedar on that wall, he'll be putting all of the cords inside the wall BUT I just can't look at them any longer.

These cube ottomans are so useful! Not only are they hiding ugly black cables and cords, they have storage, and can be used for two extra seats. They are also serving trays. The tops flip over and are a beautiful wood serving tray for those wonderful morning coffees I love to have with my friends. And the BIG thing is they are so pretty and look so good against the brown leather furniture. They are not a true red. They are what I call barnyard red, maybe almost burgundy. The sale ad shows them as a very true red but I was so glad when a lot of the online reviews said they were not.

If you are close to a World Market, go in and take a look around ever now and then. One of these days you just might find something you can't live without. Something you need to complete a wall in your home. Something that SCREAMS at you "take me home"! Now if I only had a HomeGoods near me!

When you read that I am redecorating a room, you've got to understand that redecorating and or remodeling around Lillie Mae Acres DOES NOT happen over night or quickly. We do almost everything on a cash basis so it's usually a slow process. I have a beautiful area rug ordered and a matching entry way rug but they will not be used until those wonderful talented guys of mine close in the back porch for the long awaited mud room. You'll just have to have patience along with me to see the rugs. I'll tell you this though, they are designed for a cabin/lodge decor.

Well that's it folks! That's what I've been up to besides fighting the crud. I haven't been sick sick with it, but oh boy has it been trying to jump me.

What have you been up to? Have you been doing some redecorating around your homes?

Thank you for stopping by, see ya later!


  1. I love the red ottamons. Great looking and very useful. I am in the middle of a remodel of an older home we just bought. We are doing it a little at a time. I love the fact that you buy everything on a cash basis...great! Blessings and stay debt free!!!

  2. very nice, we love World Market too...the ottomans are so attractive and useful..mine kind of decorating!

  3. We have a brown cube from Target and I. Love. It. I wished we'd purchased 2. Now they don't have them anymore.

  4. Love, love, love the ottomans!!!
    I only do cash as save save...

    Luckily, a few stores here still have Lay A Way!



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