Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, May 31, 2010

Good Ole American Fun on Memorial Day

Hey there from Lillie Mae Acres. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Memorial Day. We started out the beautiful day with a lot of yard work, then it tried to rain on us. That was ok though, we need it around here.

We ended up grilling some yummy hamburgers and my nephew and his fiance came over to eat and swim.

Here lately I've been adding onion bits to my hamburger meat when I'm mixing it up to pat out. That along with Worcestershire sauce and salt. Everyone loves it so I just thought I'd pass that on to ya'll. I fried french fries and baked delicious white chocolate chunk cookies as dessert.

Of course we didn't forget what this day is set aside for! Our wonderful military past and present. I am so thankful to be an American, so thankful for those that fought and still fight for our continued freedom and the fact that I can and do worship God without fear.

This beautiful nation of ours, she needs our prayers more than ever. God bless America.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lucille is Rolling Again

Lucille is our beautiful red (she does need a paint job) 1959 Massey Ferguson tractor. One of her tires rotted and would no longer hold air, not even enough for small jobs. So there she sat, out of commission, probably feeling unloved and under appreciated until hubby's birthday.

I told Wayne that he needed to go get his own birthday gift earlier in the month and told him that I wanted him to get a tire for Lucille. Of course he agreed to that, and we do have several Tractor Supply stores in neighboring cities. We just love those stores, don't ya'll? It's so fun just to go in and browse at all the supplies and I like that they also have some indoor/outdoor home decor.

I know there's a lot of bush hogging that's being done now. Things have a way of growing up and looking bad in just a short time. And the next time our dirt road needs grading, Lucille will get the honor of helping with that too. She's got a lot of years behind her and she's got a lot of years ahead of her. She knew she wasn't parked for good, she knew we wouldn't just let her sit there and turn into a rusty skeleton.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dancin' Around the Farm

Dancin' around the farm, with my camera in hand. We finally got a decent rain shower this afternoon, I guess I should have taken a picture of that but didn't think about it. It was nice though.

I just thought ya'll would enjoy a few (a bunch of) pictures. I've been changing a few things around as usual. I call it freshening up areas, I do this as I deep clean. Freshening things up usually doesn't cost anything you know!

Nothing knew about my clothesline! I use it almost everyday and LUV it.

This beautiful drip pottery lamp set me back a whopping $3.00 last week when my mom and I went junkin'.

That wonderful basket you see on the hearth sittin' on the cheese boxes set me back $1.00. I think my mom almost fell over because it was marked $5 and I just asked the lady what she'd take for it. She told me $1.00!

The green milk can is very old and sat in a flower bed for years, painted black. I have another one I plan to paint bright red for our new patio.

I repainted these ole Home Interior sconces a couple of weeks ago, covering the heart shaped cutouts with rusty metal stars. This cost me a whopping $0.00 since they've been mine and unused for years, already had the paint and the rusty stars.

This is the best I can do right now to cover these cords and wires since hanging the tv. It's a mess, but we're putting cedar on this wall (hopefuly real soon) and will hide everything inside the wall when we do. Yikes, I can see now that i didn't dust off the dutch oven lid. I promise I'll do that, especially since I purchased a real goose feather duster with a wooden handle. I've always wanted one and I LUV it. I've used those swifter duster things for years and am just sick of buying the refills all the time. I'm only keeping my extension swifter for my ceiling fans! Go out and get yourself a real goose feather duster and I think you'll LUV it too.

I put one of my end tables in storage so I could paint and use my grandparents old RCA record player cabinet. This picture makes it look much brighter than it really is. It's more of a barnyard red. This is Lillie Mae Acres, what other color of red would I have used? I actually painted it a while back and have no regrets. It's great storage too since Wayne gutted it.

Way back years ago Wayne made the beautiful wood blocked checker board standing behind the lamp for me when I seen one in the Smoky Mtns., and fell in love with it. That's just like my sweet hubby, if I see something beautiful made out of wood, he usually ends up making it for me. Each piece is cut out and stained, then put back together. God has really blessed him when it comes to working with wood and building. Matthew is blessed with that talent too. I'm so thankful they share the love of woodworking as father and son.

My Iris have bloomed and gone for the year. Thay are so pretty when they all bloom at the same time, but this year they took turns. They were still pretty though.

I played around with the egg picture above, and now that I look at it the eggs look grey. Who wants grey eggs? Our chickens lay cream (supposed to be pink), tan, brown, light green, and light blue eggs. It looks like Easter around here sometimes.

Well folks, that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and have a wonderful evening. Thanks for stopping by again.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet hubby of mine!

As I said in the post before this, it's been so busy. In between all the happenings in that post about last week, my sweet Wayne had a birthday. I wanted his birthday post to be all by itself though. He turned 54 wonderful years old on Tuesday, May 11.

Tuesday night, Matt and I cooked big juicy onion hamburgers with all the trimmings and made sure Wayne's favorite flavor of chips, Dill Pickle Chips were on the table too. Our favorite is the yellow bag of Lays regular chips, so they were on the table too. While we ate supper, homemade vanilla ice-cream was churning in the churn on the back porch and chocolate syrup and fresh whole strawberries were waiting on that. We gave him a beautiful card about getting "old" and he knows that his gift is a new tractor tire whenever he goes and get's it. He really needs it and better go get one soon because the front acres need a good bush hogging.

We waited until last night to go out for a birthday supper. We went to the Olive Garden and boy howdy was it yummy!!! I thought they were one of the restuarants that gave FREE dessert to people on their birthdays, but found out they don't. Oh well, we were full anyway.

Matthew, waiting patiently for his Tour Of Italy to arrive. I'm so full, I just want to go lay down.

Back to the homemade onion hamburgers, here's what all I added to the meat. I put several pounds of hamburger in a large bowl, added all the salt and garlic powder I wanted to and then sprinkled in a generous amount of onion flakes. Dried onion flakes make them so yummy!!!

Have a blessed day!

It's Been Busy Here Lately!

Here lately it's been real busy around these parts of the woods. Lot's of laughter, lot's of love, lot's of going here and there. Oops, I left out lot's of FUN and memory making! I think I'm still fuzzy with blogger's block. I just can't seem to think of a lot to say when I sit down to blog. I want to, it's just not happening.
Anyway, grab a cup of tea, coffee, or whatever you like and enjoy the pictures.

I went out the back door for something while I was cooking at my mom's for a Mother's Day get together and stumbled over a mountain of shoes. I guess we were all bare footed!

I love Matthew and am so proud to be his mom. I'm a blessed lady and feel it all year, not just on Mother's Day.
Mom and Charles enjoyed the evening too.
My nephew is getting married in June so we had a wedding shower to go to the next night. Below, my sister, nieces, mom, and Aunt Cathy.

Then my mom and I went on a road trip for some junkin' Thursday. We had so much fun and came home so late and so tired! I didn't know the very next day (Fri.) that I'd be spending the day in the city with my mom and Aunt Cathy. That was unexpected fun!

Thanks for dropping by. I promise, this blogger's block can't last forever. Maybe spring fever clouded the creative writing section of my brain, and we all know spring fever doesn't last long. Have a blessed day!