Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Simple but Oh So Good life

You know, it's a simple life that we live here on Lillie Mae Acres, but oh what a good life. Nothing fancy, nothing special to most people. Fancy enough for us, and VERY special to us though.
I just thought I'd take a minute and jot down a few of my favorite things, moments, and feelings.

**Five mornings a week, I get woke up between 5:15 - 5:30 for a goodbye from hubby, a kiss and a hug as I let him out the door. I'm usually groggy and sleepy but that's still one of my favorite few minutes. He takes a coffee with him so the coffee is ready for me too. Banjo is in full German Shepherd Guard mode since he's had a good night of sleep and he's happy that we're up. He's ready to play, roam around and see what's new in sight and sound.
**Every morning laundry and other chores wait for me to pay them some attention, and there is slight snoring coming from the back bedroom. Just knowing my son is safe and sound at home is a blessing.
**I love it when the house is quiet, then suddenly the LOUD sound of a banjo rings out, non stop for however long my son decides to pick. I may not really love it at that moment, but thinking about it now makes me realize that I really do!
**I love that I was raised in a Christian home and wouldn't want to live any other way. God has to come first in all areas of our life, family and home.
**I sure do like yard work a whole lot better when all three of us are outside at the same time. Taking pride in our little piece of earth is something we are proud to like and want.

**Family night out is always fun and something we've always tried to have at least one night on the weekend. Now that Matthew is getting older and not around sometimes, family night and any family time is WAY MORE important and cherished!
**I love being able to pick up the phone and call my mom, plus she's just up the road and close by. Oh how I love her and appreciate her.
**I aim to please my two favorite guys with food, and am so happy that we sit down to eat our meals as a family at the kitchen table. I love cooking for them and our family and friends.
**I so appreciate and love that I'm married to a man that can build almost anything I can describe or draw. He's a hard worker and loves God. I'm proud of the life we live, our marriage and how we've raised a well balanced, smart, and God loving son together.
**I love my computer and blogging. Also the nice people I've met through blogging.
**I enjoy that peaceful feeling when I've turned a MOUNTAIN over to God for Him to handle. He never lets me down.

Now folks, you know I could go on and on with what pleases me in life but that would be a long blog and you'd get tired of reading it. The things listed above just popped into my head as I typed so those must be what will reach out and touch someone reading this later this evening.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sign from Reclaimed Wood

Howdy all you faithful readers and followers of Lillie Mae Acres. I hope you are getting things done around your lovely homes. Getting those unfinished projects finished and doing some things that you dreamed up throughout the long cold days of winter as new spring projects. I just thought I'd show you a project that I'm proud of, one I've been wanting to do for a while.

I've been wanting a large sign to go over the doorway leading into the kitchen from the living room. Back at Christmas I made the mistake of hanging a vinyl Christmas message on sheetrock and it peeled the paint in a couple of places when I took it off. So there went the idea of using those wonderful vinyl letters to create a saying on anymore of my walls. I'll just stick to prim wooden signs.

Anyway, I decided that today was the day to make my sign. Wayne and I spent a good amount of time this afternoon in the yards arranging and rearranging some things, then went on to separate projects. I walked down to the barn to find me a piece of wood and he showed me this beauty. He told me it came out of my grandparent's home and he managed to save it without me even knowing it. PERFECT for what I was wanting. He even sat down and removed the rusty nails that were still hanging out of it. Ain't he a sweety?

Of course it would look horrible to the untrained eye, you know those that don't have the ability to see past the dirt and age to the beauty. Wow, this was better than just any piece of wood stacked up out there. This has special meaning and I'm proud to be making something out of it to hang in our home.

As soon as I got it up to the house, I went to work. I scraped it down and sanded it a little. Painted it black out in the sun so it would dry fast. Sanded it again, then painted the lettering on without even drawing it first because I want it to look as old as possible. I just happened to already have the wooden star cutouts to paint and attach. The final step was a light brown rubbing to antique the white some.

FINISHED and better than what I thought it would be. Better because it's an actual board reclaimed from a home that I have so many fond memories of.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday filled with blessings and laughter. See ya later.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Springtime on Lillie Mae Acres

Howdy from Lillie Mae Acres. I just thought you may want to sit back and enjoy a few pictures of spring at it's best. My mom came up for a nice visit this morning and we took our ice tea out to the front porch where the breeze felt so good. After that we walked around looking at the plants that she knows way more about than me. I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Curtains on the Cheap but oh so Perfect!

For over a year now I've been planning to make living room curtains. My living room window is huge, so my curtains needed to be over 90" long which is not a length that you can just go buy easily. For some reason, most of the stores only have them up to 84" long. My plan for curtains were always bold stripes, and I knew the colors needed to be reds, golds, and browns.

For years a tan linen valance has hung at the top of vertical blinds and that's been our living room window treatment. It was past time for a change and a BOLD change, so here it is.

I found these at Walmart and they were over $17 per package of two panels. At 40"x84" each, I needed two packages (four panels). OK, Lillie Mae was willing to get them and MAKE it work. My big idea was to sew them to the valance increasing their length.

Tuesday morning I started on the curtain project. See in the picture, it's not even daylight yet through the slit in the blind! I went ahead and hung one up to get a correct measure. They were 6 1/2" too short.
Then I noticed how much I loved the tab top look and didn't want to attach the old valance and cover it up. Hmmm? So then Lillie Mae got her 1st BRIGHT idea of the day! Just put the valance on the bottom.
I measured twice like the rule says and started cutting. The only thing I was cutting was the old tired worn out valances, so if I messed them up we had already got our money's worth out of them anyway!
I got up off the floor OUCH! Just to let you know I don't sew on a sewing machine I sew by hand only. Anyway, I hung the first one up and stood back looking. PERFECT!
I'm waiting a few days to see if the wrinkles drop out but I suspect I'm gonna have to take these things down and iron them. That's ok, isn't that all part of making our home a place of comfort?

BUT WAIT, the best thing is that when I got the two packages of curtains to the register, they only rung up for $7.00 each. My new living room curtains only cost me $14.00, an old valance, a lot of labor, and a whole lot of LOVE!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pink Cupycake Lily is Growing Too Fast

I just thought I'd post a few pictures capturing that precious little great niece of mine that God blessed us with in October, 2009. She's 6 months old now and Aunt Lillie Mae just doesn't get to see her as often as I'd like.

I haven't posted pictures since she was just a wee little thing below.

Now just why isn't her pool safety ring pink? Hmm, I'm gonna have to talk to her mommy about this.

She has a little buddy that's almost her same age. Her mommy babysits him a lot so they are learning to play well together and share attention. I notice her little chair is pink!

Her mommy enjoys taking her shopping and to the pool. She might just turn into a little diva, her daddy may want to go ahead and hide his wallet.

Add little Lily to your prayer list please. She's had a few little health scares and was sent to a heart specialist which just wants to monitor her closely and see her again in about six months. Other than that, she's a very happy and healthy little thing and of course is loved and cherished by all.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goodies I Won and More

Here's a BIG ole' howdy from Lillie Mae Acres. It's been way too busy around here and I just don't see a slowing down break anytime soon. It's ok though, because that's what keeps us "young".
I have my beautiful winnings from Gail over at Faithfulness Farm to show you. I am so happy. Aren't they great?
Thank you again Gail! I love Gooseberry Patch and Ms. Gail has a couple of recipes in this book she gave away, which of course I am going to try real soon. She even went through the book and marked them for me, I'm so glad she did. She sent me a tea towel that she hand embroidered with love and care, a very nice black metal chicken book stand and this great little chicken theme breakfast set for my morning coffee and cereal! She is so talented and sweet!!! If you don't read and/or follow her blog, please give it a try.

Now below, I'm sure you'll find this interesting too. Lillie Mae loves corn dogs! For some reason, that crazy kid of mine thought it would be funny to take a picture while we were eating lunch the other day. Ok, I eat my corn dogs with a little mustard mixed in ketchup and chunks of raw onion! How do you eat yours?
Doesn't corn dogs and hot dogs make great lunches in spring and summer? I think so!

The picture of my front porch shows you just how bad it needs to be pressure washed! That's on the long chore list we're working on believe me! It'll get done as soon as we can, but we are working towards a huge back patio being poured real soon so some things have to keep being pushed down the list!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my winnings. My favorite room in our home is my farmhouse kitchen. I love being in there and I love changing the decor over and over with new little items here and there to keep it fresh n clean! Nitey nite for now, come back soon.