Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anybody else Pre-Spring cleaning???

I'm trying so hard not to let spring fever set in! The weather went from frigid freezing, to warmer and warmer temps. So of course for a few days we've had spring like weather! Now we have a cold front coming again, but it should be just about normal for this time of year.

I've been busy winter cleaning this ole' house. I guess you could call it pre-spring cleaning. I've been throwing away stuff, carting stuff off to Goodwill, and repurposing stuff. I've been busy moving furniture and cleaning out dirty dusty little forgotten corners too! I'm surprised that my allergies aren't a mess.

When I see a little basket priced low and with potential, I buy it. I have a lot of baskets, none of them worth much like a true collector would have though. Not that I know of anyway. That's why the other day I didn't mind painting a few.

Please don't pay any attention to my scratched up door. That sweet hubby of mine is going to paint it for me when he can. It was pretty and had a fairly new paint job on it until a certain little GS Dog decided he would scratch it up. Anyway, I painted this hanging basket green the other day. I thought it would look good against the door filled with sunflowers instead of a wreath.

I got to looking at the top of our headboard and thought that some black baskets would look good up there. So, I picked out a couple from my inexpensive little collection and painted them. I'm happy with the outcome. Now I've just got to decide whether or not to keep this tired old comforter set. I've had it for years so I think it's time to replace it. I've got my eye on a couple of real pretty ones that I really like.

I originally put a few Valentine's Day decorations over on this corner of my kitchen counter, but I just couldn't fall in love with it. I replaced it with our own little miniature produce market. The lemons aren't real, but everything else is. Don't you just love having fresh fruit sitting around to snack on?

I don't know if I should put away these bright red pip berries or not. I used them when the kitchen was decorated for Christmas, but liked them in this basket so well that I didn't want to put them away.

And one more final little project. Wayne brought me the large green cheese box years ago, except it was natural. I decided it needed to be green with a few little prim crows on it. I like it a lot better than I did, so I certainly don't regret painting it. The other cheese box, the orange one was my grandmother's. I have it filled with her old sewing notions. Cheese boxes do make great little storage containers don't they?

Well ya'll, that's just a short little tour of this ole' farmhouse. I just wanted to show ya'll some of the changes I've made to spruce the place up a little. I'm not done yet!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


The Foxfire Book Series of the Appalachian Mtns.

On a tall bookcase in the corner by the fireplace, one of the beautiful Maple bookcases my talented hubby built for our home, stands a series of books. A lot of books are on the bookcase of various topics including Bibles, but today I'm talking about a series of books about mountain life in the Appalachians.
These are so interesting and include many interviews with mountain folk as well as instructions, recipes, ideas, etc. Wayne has been collecting these wonderful books for years. He currently has volumes one through twelve, plus the 25th and 40th anniversary editions. Recently I checked and Wayne's collection is up to date so far.
The website for the Foxfire Museum and Fund is and of course you can learn a lot more about this project there. The actual museum is in Mountain City, Georgia. That's in north Georgia. We've been there several times, it's beautiful and so fun to see it all up close. Local highschool students and volunteers are who keep this going, and have since 1966. Take a look for yourself.
It's so fun to sit and read through these books. For example, in volume one you can learn all about hog dressing and moonshining. In volume five you can learn all about ironmaking, rifles, and bear hunting. Then looking over in volume eleven, you can learn all about preserving and cooking food, plain living, and read interesting hunting and fishing stories. Each volume is just packed full of "knowledge".
Wayne and I both agree that we were born too late in life. Our hearts long for a life like these folks talk about, but common sense kicks in real fast and I'm the first to say that I'm glad we have indoor plumbing and electricity. I kind of like the television and phone too! Ok, so we really couldn't live like that because we already know how comfortable these things make it.

Well faithful blog readers, these dishes aren't going to do themselves. I guess I better get up and load that modern contraption we call a dishwasher. That's just one more thing I wouldn't want to live without. How about you?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finding Treasures Under Your Nose

Good morning to all of you beautiful faithful bloggers out in blog land. I've been enjoying the warmer weather and getting some things done around Lillie Mae Acres. The leaves are all over the front still but that's just something I'm in no hurry to tackle.

Have you ever come across a wonderful little treasure right in your own home that you didn't know about? Honestly, I don't remember having this, but at some point it found it's way into the bottom of my cedar chest. I'm talking about my daddy's 1954 class ring.

When my uncles and aunts were going through my grandmother's belongings, they came across a box of my dad's personal stuff. My dad has already gone on to Heaven, so a box of personal items was exciting to receive. This was years ago and I guess I placed the small items from the box into my cedar chest. I do not remember this shredded up ring envelope. I had no idea I had this, so you can imagine my excitement when I found it.

A few weeks ago when packing up Christmas linens, there the little envelope was. Laying on the bottom of the chest. It was like a hidden Christmas gift.

I'm sorry the pictures aren't very good, I tried. Anyway, I already had my dad's senior portrait and name card, so I put this picture together to send to one of my my uncles for his collection of old family pictures.

I remember that in this large box of precious keepsakes were also letters, pictures, his Bible, military mementos, certificates, etc. A lot of his personal items that I will treasure forever. Years ago, I had already given my son Matthew my dad's Gulf Oil Corp. patches, pictures, and awards. He also has a brass Gulf Oil Corp. belt buckle that my dad earned, and he actually wears it sometimes. I showed him this ring and told him that we'll take it to a jeweler, have the emblem put back on it and he can have it to wear if he wants to.

Well, I'll be the first to admit that this morning's posting isn't the most interesting post. It's just a special little story I wanted to pass along. I wonder how many more wonderful treasures are hidden right here under my nose and under your noses in your homes that will be discovered one day by someone.

It sort of makes me want to go plunder around but I have too much housework to get up and do.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

BIG Do-Over Project & BIG Win from Jackie's Journey

You know how everyone is wondering what to do with their old entertainment centers being replaced by new HDTV's hanging on the walls or over the fireplaces? Well, mine is safe and secure and will not be gong anywhere. That sweet talented hubby of mine made it for us, so of course it's not going anywhere. I cherish everything he makes us for our home. Most of the pieces of furniture that he's made, he actually cut the tree, drove it to the sawmill, planed the wood himself, then began the project. Honest!
Anyway, here are the pictures showing you how I changed it a little. I didn't realize the back wall of the TV shelf had so many holes in it.

I knew that needed covering, so I explained to Wayne what I wanted. I chose the paint color for the wainscoting and he cut it.
I painted it, then he glued it in tonight. It looks GREAT.

The old entertainment center is now on a side wall and neatly holds a lot of stuff. I hope you like it too.

Oh, how excited I was when I went over to Jackie's Journey and seen that I won her giveaway. I won a beautiful collection of items: A book about antiques, a birdhouse for spring, a beautiful bird candle holder and a lovely handkerchief. Oh, I just can't wait to see it all when it gets here.
Jackie is such a sweetie, I really hope you'll go over and visit her blog. You'll enjoy it. Although her and I live many many miles apart in Florida, we've been suffering through this COLD weather together and keeping each other smiling through our frostbite.

TGIF - Can you believe half of January is gone? This is getting scary, time is disappearing while I'm sleeping, blinking, cleaning the house, or something. Where does it go? Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend. We're supposed to get some rain here in Florida and that'll give us warmer temperatures.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Silly Toe Socks - Red Ones!

Boy oh boy, Florida has been seeing some cold temperatures! Going on two weeks now, maybe longer. Record lows even way down south. Starting tomorrow, we should see normal January temps for a while. Did I actually pray for cold weather and snow? Yes I did , but it was a request I made for the week of Christmas. I got the cold weather after Christmas, not the snow. I don't want either anymore though so I've already cancelled that prayer request.
Aren't my silly red toe socks cute? They are very THICK so they make my feet look fat. I don't have fat feet but they sure look it in this picture! Anyway, these silly looking toe socks are doing their job and keeping my normal size toes and feet warm on this Tuesday evening. Supposedly this is the last of the real cold ones. In celebration of ole' Jack Frost traveling on to bother other people for a while, I decided to wear these. I almost always wear pink pajamas, that's just my personal color choice. I have on pink pajamas right now and would normally have on white socks, but I'm excited about the warmer temps, so I grabbed these out of my sock drawer. Speaking of sock drawer, I spent almost a whole day cleaning our bedroom Saturday. My dresser and armoir drawers are all nicely and neatly organized. It feels wonderful to open the drawers!
I've been scanning and downloading pictures to a new Facebook picture album since we finished supper. I have an uncle on FB that has several picture albums with wonderful old pictures in them, even some of me growing up. I decided to create an album simular with some pictures that he can enjoy and copy. If any of ya'll wonderful friends of Lillie Mae Acres have a facebook account, look me up (Sharon Denise Nelson Jones), I'd love to communicate with ya'll that way too.
This ole' farmhouse has been getting a good scrubbin' down. I guess it's called winter cleaning instead of spring cleaning. Doesn't it feel good though to have extra energy from head to toe because you want everything freshened up and redecorated after putting away Christmas? I love having my bright yellows and reds back in the kitchen. I love having my regular everyday comforter back on my bed. I love having my beautiful Pfaltzgraff Folk Art dishes back in the hutch. There's also a few ( quite a few) things on a honey-please-do list for that sweet hubby of mine. He's already been peckin' away at it too.
I hope each of you have a blessed evening and stay safe and warm in your neck of the woods. Thank you so much for being so faithful in reading and commenting on Lillie Mae Acres. I enjoy writing and wish I could do it everyday. Come back real soon, you're always welcome!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Wild West, Hunting, and Pizza ???

While putting away all of the Christmas decor, I ran across Matthew's box of western and hunting themed ornaments. He has a large tree that goes in his bedroom and a year ago we even made real shotgun shell garland for it. He decided not to put it up when we decorated for Christmas a couple of months ago, and I really missed seeing it.

I decided to use the twig tree I decorate my kitchen with and put it in the living room decorated in the western and hunting lodge theme. I'll leave it up through winter or just until I get sick of it. Which ever comes first. I used a lot of Matthew's ornaments and the lodge themed ornaments from our big living room tree. Nothing on this tree actually says Christmas or holidays on it, so it's just a woodsy western look. I like it.

My neighbor Dawn left her small tree up in her living room decorated for Valentine's Day and it looks beautiful. I used to have a small Valentine's tree when Matthew was young and we'd have a party with gifts, etc., plus Matthew's birthday is February 23rd, so that was always fun.

It really is hard to put away all the glowing little white lights when they look so good along with the fire in the fireplace bouncing around.

Now a wonderful new yummy delicious frozen pizza that I found a few weeks ago. Well, really I seen a commercial, had never heard of this brand and was hoping my grocery store would have it. I don't know if it's new or not, but I just discovered it and wish I hadn't. I LUV spinach pizza, but never even thought about being able to eat it at home and it taste good.

I say that I wish I hadn't learned about this because it is so mmm mmm good, and we've already had two of them. If you try it, I hope you like it. Frozen pizzas aren't wonderful, none of them. But we're way out here in the woods and I actually cook a small lunch most days. This is a large pizza and perfect for lunch. They have other flavors of course, but I'm addicted to this one! I don't know if the others are any good.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Florida has been so cold. We're just not used to this, our blood is too thin! There's been a fire in my fireplace every night and some days all week. I know there have been a couple of record setting nights of low temps. My front yard even looked like it had a thin layer of snow on it one morning and I could kick myself for not taking a picture for ya'll.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pink Fuzzy Sleeve in my GriTs!

On this very COLD morning, way down here in Florida, what the body needs for breakfast is a piping HOT bowl of buttery grits and some piping hot black coffee to rinse it down. The combination will get together and create a warm blanket of good health and energy inside for a good start to a day that's not gonna warm up very much. If I could just keep my pink fuzzy sleeve out of my buttery grits.

In Lillie Mae's kitchen this morning, it's all warm n toasty and I'm wearing my pink fuzzy robe of course. See my reflection in the shiny coffee pot!

It got way down in the low twenties last night, possibly teens but hubby left for work a little later than usual and it was already 21 degrees. I LUV this thing, this BIG pink FUZZY WUZZY robe of mine! I love hubby too, so this morning is already filled with love around here! My robe is a little big and hangs and droops a little. That's the way a robe should be, that's what makes it a very important piece in the morning wardrobe. On Saturdays, it just might play a part in the afternoon wardrobe too!

Oh me, oh my! Today is Monday and we all know what that means. The always dreaded grocery day. Like I say every Monday, the sooner I get up and get going the sooner I can get back home. I almost always dread everything about driving into the city and grocery shopping. I do love my family though, and I love taking care of them. Taking care of them includes having a well stocked home and pantry. It includes clean laundry and delicious meals. It also includes dust-free furniture to some poeple, but not me.
I think I'll plan plain simple meals to put on the table this week. Nothing fancy this week, maybe next.
Back to the grits. If you choose to warm your body up with grits, please respect your taste buds enough to let them enjoy cooked grits. I have no idea who or what invented instant grits, but they aren't really grits so they shouldn't be aloud to put the word GRITS on the box label. Come on, it only takes 5-6 minutes to cook a piping hot pot of grits and they are so yummy! Try to keep your pink fuzzy sleeve out of them, or whatever color your fuzzy morning sleeve is. And don't try to be healthy with these things, add all the butter and salt you want.
Have a wonderful first Monday of the new year.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Low Country Boil - yum yum

Lillie Mae and Wayne did the prep work and Matthew did the cooking over the turkey fryer. We had a Low Country Boil on New Years day and it was just too yummy for words! Family came over to help us enjoy it and my mom brought the most delicious cake like brownies for dessert. Was this a wonderful way to start 2010, or what? There's got to be one of those old superstitions about eating delicious hearty food on New Years means you'll eat it all year, or something! I looked up superstitions online and there are some real crazy ones out there. Most of them too wierd and funny to even think about doing. Now of course, I do ALWAYS cook black eye peas on New Years, gotta have them. Family tradition of course.
In the picture above, that's Matthew the chef removing the crab boil packets after he dumped everything out onto the table on newspaper. Don't worry, there was a huge metal tray under all the paper. If we were outside on the picnic table I wouldn't have worried with a tray.
I thought some of you wonderful faithful readers may want my recipe for this. There are a lot of them floating around, so here's one more.

12 red potatoes (washed, leave skins on)
2 3oz envelopes of crab boil
6 lbs. fresh shrimp (we dehead & devein)
2 md whole onions (peel skin off)
1 1/2 lbs mild smoked sausage
1 lb hot smoked sausage
8-10 ears of corn
8-10 qrts water in a HUGE pot w/ colander (we use the turkey fryer)

Bring crab boil to a boil, add everything but onions and shrimp. Boil approx 30 minutes, add onions, boil another 20 minutes. Add shrimp and boil another 12 minutes.
DRAIN well and dump out onto a lot of newspaper in the middle so everyone can just help themselves.
Don't forget the cocktail sauce for the shrimp.

I sure hope your new year has started off good! I also hope you try this recipe if you don't already have a favorite boil recipe of your own. It's just too good for me to try to describe to you. Have a blessed week.