Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Friday, December 10, 2010

Prim vs Comfort

A great big hello from Lillie Mae Acres. I hope everyone is staying warm n cozy, enjoying this beautiful Christmas season, and spending valuable time with family and friends...not leaving God out of your celebrations.

We haven't been home long from the city. My sweet hubby came home extra early this afternoon so we could all three go and look at a beautiful leather living room group that I found at a local furniture store. I also had one picked out about 55 miles away, and if he didn't like this one tonight we were going to travel there tomorrow. Since all three of us live here and call this home, I believe all three of us should be happy and comfortable. He loved the one we all looked at tonight. That's it then, that's the one. As long as we're all happy and will be comfortable.

Prim or comfort? Which would you just have to have? Although Lillie Mae Acres is decorated in what I call primitive farmhouse, primitive style furniture would not be comfortable. In the olden days, husbands and wives did not pile up and watch a good movie. Families did not pile up, have a bunch of friends over and relax while watching a movie, picking instruments, playing games, etc. Hard working husbands didn't come home from a long days work, lay out on the couch and fall asleep (snoring lovingly) as supper was being cooked. The living room was for sitting...much more formal than today. I think they were geared more for talking and reading, rather than piling around in. Did those people ever just pile around? Probably not! Way too much hard work to be done, you've got to remember that those pitiful ladies didn't have washing machines and dishwashers.

So our family choice of new living room furniture had to be all or none! All three of us LOVE it, or we keep looking. I was more than willing to look for months if it took it. It's actually been about a month of looking.

To make a long story short, the new curtains and matching pillows (you've already seen these, they were made back in the spring I believe) are just waiting for the new furniture to arrive next Thursday. That sweet talented hubby of mine is excited about making at least one tree stump end table for a lamp, two if we decide we want a second one. I've already given my mom my coffee and end tables, my nephew has been told to come get the chair and one of the love seats, and our current leather love seat is going to the game room. Boy do I have my work cut out for me. I even have to move the Christmas tree to a new location across the room.

OK, so here is the stock photo found online of this beautiful furniture. We are getting the reclining sofa and reclining console love seat...they are power reclining.

Of course this photo shows it in a formal living room, way more fancy than around here. You know me well enough to know that there will be all our favorite throws draped here and there, along with the pillows. This modern comfort will also be surrounded by our cherished primitive decor. Oh yes, I'll be taking pictures to share with y'all.

Thanks for taking time out of your day/evening to come over and spend some time at Lillie Mae Acres. Stay warm and safe during your shopping and celebrations. God bless.

Did I forget to say that this is my Christmas gift? It is, it's my gift. So I get my gift early and spread out all over the room instead of under the tree.


  1. Good for you! It's beautiful! I'm determined to get new furniture after the first of the year! My "guaranteed to hold up" furniture didn't hold up. Can't wait to see your photos!

  2. Gorgeous....I am looking for new living room furniture and am leaning towards leather too. Enjoy :)


  3. Hi! When we bought living room furniture about a month ago we too got leather.. My husband got to pick the living room furniture since my prims are all through the house LOL.. I think you can get a prim look with leather.. I have noticed many prim ladies with leather living room furniture.. take a look at Country Sampler and you will see many homes with leather furniture.. I think all we need are prim pillows and throws (something I need to buy) Anyway I can't wait to see your beautiful new furniture in your home - it will look just perfect!

  4. I'm looking forward to coming up and pilining up on it :) I think it will lood wonderful in your home!

  5. What a wonderful sofa & loveseat Denise for your family to relax on and spend quiet evenings at home on : )
    You are such a sweet lady to consider your hubby & son in the decision making process !! I can't wait to see it in your country farmhouse.
    luvs n hugs

  6. Good Sunday Morning Denise!
    I love the pic of the furniture. I can't wait to see how you decorate it! I know it will be beautiful!

  7. Comfort trumps prim for sure. I love Johnsons Benchworks, but really it isn't comfy. My husband would never go for it. Seems silly to spend all that money to have furniture that is only good to look at. It is altogether possible to find furniture that works well with prim decor.


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