Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting the Farmhouse Ready for Christmas

Oh what a wonderful Tuesday evening on Lillie Mae Acres. The farmhouse kitchen smells like peppermint cookies.

I just love this little Gooseberry Patch Cookie Swap booklet. It has some yummy recipes in it and these Peppermint Cookies just might be my favorite.

While I was in the kitchen baking, my two favorite guys were down in the living room browsing the internet for Bluegrass sites and picked a little Bluegrass themselves. I've had Christmas music on all day and a Christmas movie has been on all evening.
Beautiful Florida is experiencing VERY COLD weather right now, so for hours there's been a roaring fire.

I don't know about you, but I've been slow about decorating this year. It's just a bunch of things and reasons that have kept me from decorating early. Normally almost every inch of the house is decorated but I've kept it very simple this year.

Look real close at the picture above and you can see a pumpkin pie in the oven. One day last week, I had a yummy roast in the crockpot and baked a homemade pumpkin pie for dessert.

This is the first Christmas that we've had the beautiful prairie hutch my dad built. (the above picture) If you remember, earlier in the year he passed away and this is one of the pieces of furniture that I just could not let go of. I remember him working so hard on it, and he did a wonderful job.

I have so many ideas for my dry sink, which my dad also built. I have that sweet hubby of mine looking for a hand pump to mount on it. Maybe that'll be one of my Christmas gifts.

See the little gingerbread house in the above picture? I found this at Kohls, they have the cutest little nightlights this year.

I love all the sweet little Christmas ornaments and crafts Matthew brought home from school when he was little. They are cherished and safely stored in my cedar chest, inside our home, at the foot of my bed, close to my heart.

This cute little guy watches Lillie Mae cook. He's had a lot to watch, the kitchen has been pretty busy with freezing greens from the garden. Our fall garden did real good, everything but the collards. I have a freezer full of mustard greens and am fixing to pack it with turnip and turnip roots. My canning shelf is also freshly stocked with stewed Georgia tomatoes. I still have to make salsa. wayne is fixing to make pepper sauce. matthew has only killed one deer this year and if he gets another one we may have to go get another freezer.

Well, I'm so glad you stopped by Lillie Mae Acres again, if this was your first time WELCOME. I hope to take a few more pictures, some of the outside decor and get it posted. I've been furniture shopping, researching, etc. I am probably getting a leather living room group for Christmas and the choices are too many. I think I have it narrowed down but my sweet hubby needs to go with me and see if he loves it also. I'll let you know!

Please come back soon. Keep God in all of your Christmas plans and activities.


  1. OH MY, SO beautiful!!! I love it all and those cookies sound delicious, and your lil' gingerbread house night light is so adorable too!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day on Lillie Mae acres:)

  2. Enjoyed all those photos, and yes the cookies
    sound yummy too... Have Blessed Day...

    Warm Winter Wishies

  3. Your home is so warm & cozy !! I love the picture of you and your guys with the Santa hats on too ~ cute !! You have a way with filling everything that you touch with love & happiness !!
    Merry Christmas my sweet friend ~

  4. Hi Denise!
    I love the hutch and the dry sink! I so agree with Benita, everything you touch has "love" !! Your home is so filled with blessings and kindness just like you!


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