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Friday, November 19, 2010

HELP for a long narrow room

HELP me please!

I have wanted leather living room furniture for a very long time. Everything we've ever had in here has been considered "temporary". Here lately I've been combing the internet for leather sectional couch ideas, sizes, configurations. Who knew it would be so hard! I guess the biggest problem is my living room. It is not SQUARE! It is long and very narrow, and of course there's the window, fireplace, doors, and now the TV hanging on the wall. It just takes all the fun out of sectional couch looking.

Another BIG problem is that the city that I drive into every week for shopping just has a few furniture stores. The chain outfits like Rooms to Go, Home Place, etc. I'm not finding anything on their websites so I haven't took the time to physically go to them. I guess I ought to. Then if I drive further, across the bridge into the tourist part of the city all the furniture stores in that direction cater to condo and beach themes, not leather.

HELP! My living room is only 11 1/2 X 26. I really really really want a sectional but the ones I see online are too BIG I think.

Please send me some furniture store websites if you know of any.

Here's a few pictures of some beautiful sectional couches that I've found online. What a mess! I thought I could just go to the store and get what I want!

The one above is one of my favorites.


  1. My Livingroom is a bit bigger than yours and it has more of a rectangular shape than square. I say don't get a sectional. You need to break up the couch/loveseat. You will loose too much space if you have a sectional in a long narrow room. Now as far as leather, I love that look. Just be certain when you do find the piece you can't live without, you lay out its size with your other furniture in your room to make sure you can move around it. Also remember you can only put them so many places in a room too.
    Hope I didn't hurt your feelings with my comments. I have just made way too many furniture mistakes of my own in the past.
    Sorry I have no furniture store suggestions for you either.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  2. TY so much Amy. I know that when it's all done I may not end up w/ a sectional but that is my long time dream. It sure is going to take a lot of planning/looking/measuring/shopping.
    NEW FURNITURE always sounds so fun when others get it and I see their pictures. Ugh!, now that it's my turn it's not so fun.

  3. you can go to the Better Homes and Garden site...put in arrange a room and they have an online program that can really help..sectionals are nice but not every room can handle one...I love leather too..

  4. Have you looked at Ashley Furniture store ? They have some leather sectionals ~ here is the website if you'd like to look ~

    I hope you can find something you like Denise, I know how hard it is to find exactly the right thing ! Good luck : )

  5. Hope you were able to find some new recipes on the links I posted...thanks for stopping by!


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