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Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Headache Caused by Too Much Good News

A typical Monday morning around here is trying to get up early, trying to have time to do at least one load of laundry, trying to become presentable to the world after a long hot shower, and trying to get to town for the week's grocery shopping and banking at a reasonable hour. Reasonable would be BEFORE lunch time in a perfect world, but I (we, if Matt wants to go) usually arrive just in time to get something to eat first.
The typical place for my phone is laying somewhere in the bottom of my purse with the volume on loud but me not hearing it because the purse is closed up tight (to detour possible sticky hands) in stores. I kept hearing it loud and clear all day yesterday though.
ANYWAY, this morning I have a headache. A headache because I went to bed very very early, slept way too many hours, and am excited and anxious at the same time for all the below reasons!
The county fair came and went, I entered my canned good and won my ribbons. Done for the year!
A while back I sent a few recipes to Gooseberry Patch and got a letter Saturday saying one had been chosen for an upcoming book. Yay, I LUV Gooseberry Patch.
So Monday (yesterday) came and we went to town!
The phone started ringing in the bottom of my purse. The first call was about a Holiday Cooking Contest I entered recipes in for our local newspaper. I entered four recipes, but they were only calling about one that made it to the top ten. Ok I said, I'll cook it and have it there a week from now for actual taste judging.
Then a few more isles away and a few more items in the buggy, the phone rings again. A different soft spoken newspaper employee telling me another recipe made it to the top ten, so I again said yes that I would cook it and have it there a week from now for taste judging.
This happened five times while I was shopping. The reason for five calls was that I think it was the second or third call that the girl forgot to tell me something. ANYWAY, before grocery shopping was done, all four of my submitted recipes were accepted and next Monday night I have to have all four cooked and presented to the judges at a local theater, then hang around for the winnings presentations.
I rolled through the gate HOME SWEET HOME, and to the wonderful sight of hubby working in the garden. He was home early and had picked up the mail. Laying on the kitchen table was another letter from Gooseberry Patch. Another recipe has been accepted and will be published in an upcoming book. Yay! These two different recipes will be in two different Gooseberry Patch cookbooks coming out in April 2011.
Then last night as I'm resting, relaxing, breathing, and feeling very sweet little niece calls. Can you keep Lily Sunday night? Of course was my reply. And I meant it and I look forward to it.
I went to bed very very early, I slept way too long, and now I have a headache. BUT, I just know that today is going to be a great day and all my chores are going to be done.
Beware, too much good news can give you a headache.


  1. Wow! How wonderful that you will be recognized for all your good cooking and baking. I hope you walk away the BIG winner!
    Praying that your headache goes away and you get back to your old self real quick.

  2. All such GREAT news!! Keep us posted on the newspaper recipe contest. Congratulatioins on all these great happenings!! I know about that feeling with the GBP letters....I still jump up and down :)


  3. WOW! Congratulations!!!!! I think i would have a headache too but in a good way, LOL!!!!!!

  4. That is great news Denise ~ you are such a talented cook, it's no wonder that your phone is ringing off the hook !! I can't wait to find out what your recipes are so I can try them, and I will definitely have to buy the Gooseberry Patch books that my friend Denise in!!
    love ya lots ~

  5. Wow that is amazing! Congratulations. Hugs. Tammy...

    Stop by my blog for GIVEAWAY I'm having.

  6. Congratulation on all the good news, thats
    awesome.. Tammy will take a peek at the

    Everyone Enjoy the Day...

  7. Hello Denise!
    I'm happy for you (not the headache part)..That is so exciting..You wil be a busy bee!!
    Take care my friend!

  8. OH My Goodness! You Go Girl! I'm major proud of you! I'm sorry about the headache though :-(

  9. YAY FOR YOU!!!! How exciting!! I really need to send some recipes to GBP but I keep putting it off. You let me know when they come out and I will definitely add those books to my collection of 29 spiral bound GBP cookbooks!! I can't wait!! Yipee!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful news.

  10. Congratulations and I love the look of that cell phone! LOL
    You always have the best recipes.


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