Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Autumn - Fall

You've already seen a few posts back how I let autumn and fall decorations spill all over my kitchen. The front porch is a little decorated, as well as a wreath on the back door. If Florida's weather and natural fall foliage was as cool/cold and colorful as most of the country, I probably wouldn't decorate inside as much.

I thought you'd enjoy a few pictures of what nature is doing all around our home and land right now, as of this morning. Although it's been very warm and we have had no rain in over two months up until yesterday, flowers are still trying to bloom and the fall garden is doing it's best to please us and supply us with a bountiful harvest. As I type this, it is pouring rain with loud claps of thunder. I love the sound of the pouring rain on our metal roof, and the fact that the temperature is supposed to drop starting tonight.

I'm getting ready to clear things away from the fireplace and cozy it up with some Christmas decor and get it ready for heavy usage. I'm dreaming of a new Christmas tree this year, a 7 1/2 foot slim, but that's for a future blog post.

Enjoy the pictures of what's going on outside my windows. Thanks so much for stopping by.

A patio flower blooming better now than it did all summer.
The above picture is our orange tree standing by the pool. Hopefully they'll make it and taste oh so yummy.
My little flower garden was in full bloom all spring/summer and is fading away. It'll be back in the spring of 2011.

The acres and acres of Goldenrods in full bloom.

An old chair on the front porch decorated for fall.

See folks, Lillie Mae Acres has a light sprinkling of colorful foliage.

The fall garden in the distance, doing very good even though there hasn't been much rain. It's fixing to be time to start putting turnip greens/roots, mustard, and collards in the freezer.

Just one of Wayne's many pepper plants.


  1. What gorgeous views Lillie Mae!!! I love the orange tree by the pool:)

  2. Ohhhh how I miss the citrus trees! I'm in the northeast now, but we spent nine years in FL; happy, happy times for us there! Your peppers and the mention of collard greens make me hungry, so I think I'll need to pull some out of the freezer for today's dinner.

    Your fall decorations are lovely! Nice post FLORIDA for me! I always loved just a hint of a season change that we got there!

  3. Very pretty, Denise! I always love coming here to take a visit around your farm. I only live on one acre now instead of the 750+ I grew up on. I miss the farm and country so very much! Thanks for always bringing back such sweet memories to me. You are very fortunate to have such beauty all around you!


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