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Lillie Mae Acres

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lily, Minnie, & Family plus WHAT?

It's been a week since my baby princess Lily had her 1st birthday party. She had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party, and oh so much fun for Lily, Minnie Mouse, and family. As with most 1st birthday parties, there were way more adults than kids but that's ok. That just proves that she's adored and loved by so many.

A girl has to stop partying for nutritian purposes you know!

Her grandma made her personal cake to look just like Minnie ears.

Her little cousin came to play, he's just 4 weeks younger than her.

I made Gourmet Vanilla cupcakes for my lit'l cuppycake's party. Some chocolate ones to go around too.

Balloons everywhere!

Her daddy made sure we all had yummy hotdogs and hamburgers to eat.

And WHAT? Who did what at her party? Mommy and Daddy got married! Oh my goodness, that's wonderful. Daddy waited until everyone was full of food, all the presents had been opened, and everyone was listening. He announced that there was fixing to be a wedding. The best present a little princess could get for her first birthday!

The picture below is of my aunt and uncle. We were so glad they could make it. Yep, that's me trying to get her to look at the camera.


  1. Oh what a beautiful little princess Lily is!!! I love all the photos, the cake, cupcakes and all!! Yeehaw. looks like it was a blast! Love the pic of Lily with one shoe on and one off, Jaidyn does that also. Your aunt and uncle are so cute!

    Congrats to her mommy and daddy.

    Hugs & luv to you my friend!

  2. Oh wow! How very sweet! She is a beautiful little princess and how fortunate for her to have so many people in her life who love her. Everything looks wonderful... especially the little cake and cupcakes!


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