Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

County Fair Winnings

Our county fair has come and gone. I can't really say that I miss going to the fair. We took Matthew when he was a kiddo. We happen to live between two county fair sites that are always scheduled one week following the other, so he got a little spoiled, and we got more than we could take. I seem to remember the last year we went, I got sick and I NEVER get sick on rides.

This was my second year entering my canned goods and I think I did pretty good. I only won two blue ribbons which disappointed me a little, but there's always next year. I also won six red ribbons. I only say that I'm a little disappointed because I worked so hard to follow all the rules in the County Fair Guide that we get every year.

I carefully selected which jar in each category to enter, then packed them in one of my favorite baskets and headed to the fair grounds. Don't you just love baskets? That's my favorite way to transport things back and forth, especially covered dishes.

With my BIG winnings check, that sweet hubby of mine is going to the western store for a new pair of Wranglers. I made this decision last Sunday when I sweetly and casually looked over at him in church (because I'm always proud that he is sitting there, so close, and loving God) and thought to myself that I was tired of seeing him in those yucky jeans. Like a good wife, I leaned over and told him the plan (my plan) to which his reply was that he just got them broken in and didn't want a new pair. Of course we all know that he will be getting a new pair of jeans!

I'm gearing up to enter a local holiday cooking contest for the third year in a row plus trying to tie up loose ends on Matt's grade 10 work and get it sent in to his school. This Friday, my precious baby neice Lily will be 1 year old! Her exciting little party is scheduled for Saturday and I will have the honor of making gourmet vanilla cupcakes for it. YUMMY!

It's a busy time around Lillie Mae Acres, but also a beautiful time of the year so it's all balanced out! I hope you're having a blessed autumn/fall and enjoying whatever activities are going on in your neck of the country. As always, thanks for dropping by. Don't be a stranger!


  1. I too love baskets and CONGRATULATIONS on your ribbons! I really enjoy entering into the fair.


  2. Congratulations on your wins !! And you are so sweet to think of buying your hubby some jeans with your prize money ~ what a wonderful wife you are ♥
    Have fun at Lily's birthday party ~ I can't believe she's 1 already ~ time is flying by !!

  3. You should be proud of your winnings. I think your canned goods look awsome and I bet they all tasted great. I envy your ability to can.
    Good luck on your next contest.

  4. I'm not a big fair goer myself. I truly love the exhibits and the animals but the midway is enough to keep me away. I can't exactly put my finger on why I don't like the midway, but I just don't. I know you're busy but I'd love to see photos of the cupcakes you make and if you'd care to share your recipe, that would be an added bonus!

  5. I, too, love baskets! I have many around the house! I am so proud of you and happy for you on your ribbons! Congrats my friend!
    Also, congrats to hubby on his new Wrangler's!
    Have fun at your neices party!!! She is soooo sweet!

  6. Thank you for all your sweet congrats and comments. I forgot to add that my BIG winnings check is $44.00. Nobody ever got rich winning at the county fair you know. I don't do it for the $$, my aunt and I do this for pure enjoyment.
    Have a GREAT Wednesday!

  7. Girl, you are too hard on yourself! Congratulations on all your ribbons! Of course I understand... we all want to see blue but you sure have a lot of ribbons so that's wonderful!


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