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Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, October 4, 2010

Matthew's Hero Meeting Weekend

By now you all know how we feel about Bluegrass music here on Lillie Mae Acres. We LOVE it! Especially Bluegrass Gospel. Matthew was invited to go to the IBMA fanfare weekend with some good friends so off he went to Nashville, TN this past weekend. Hurt back and all. Well actually his back is doing so much better, in fact he's not even in any type of a brace anymore. What a great healing God we serve and I give Him all the glory.

Back to IBMA International Bluegrass Music Assoc., they had an impressive list of bands and pickers there. Matthew has always respected Earl Scruggs, I mean who doesn't respect his banjo pickin'? My goodness, he was even on Beverly Hillbillies a few times! Matthew also looks up to Jim Mills, which up until about a month ago was Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder banjo picker. Yep, he was there and Matthew got to meet him, talk to him, even had his picture taken with him. Today, Matthew told me he could have picked with him but was too nervous. WHAT????? He had the chance to pick with Jim Mills and did not. He regrets it now of course.

He really enjoyed the entire trip and is still talking about it. Here are just a few of the 100+ pictures he came back with. God has really blessed us with some great friends through our love for Bluegrass music and Matthew has been blessed with many opportunities.

Not much has been happening here on the farm. Fall is finally here so the mornings and evenings are just wonderful. We don't have a lot of foliage beauty like a lot of you do, but still even the slightest change is welcome.

I haven't cooked our fall/winter favorites yet which are chili, vegetable soup, dumplings, and other comfort belly warming one pot meals. I'm thinking about them though!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and come back real soon. Thank you for stopping back by.


  1. Looks like a fine weekend for the young man!

  2. I love your blog, I love gooseberry patch also and bluegrass music. It is nice to see a nice young man interested in bluegrass music. My cousin is married to Johnny Staats the bluegrass mandalin player, have you ever heard of him. Have a great day!

  3. My brother has a bluegrass band and we have a cousin that plays the bluegrass circuit Melvin Goins and Windy Mountain. Melvin was just inducted into the IBMA Hall of Fame last year. Some of my favorite trips have been to TN in October to watch them play the Museum of Appalachia fall homecoming!

    So glad Matthew was able to go and enjoy the weekend and praise God that he was able to go without the restrictions of a brace!!


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