Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday's Project & Exciting Piece of Mail

I knew I had to do something. Actually the last weekend of October is later than usual for me. What am I talking about? Putting out Christmas decorations of course! I'm holding out for a new Christmas tree, a beautiful tall SLIM tree, possibly 7.5 feet or maybe 9 feet. But that's no excuse for not starting on the other decorations. So, Saturday morning I did just that.

I'll hopefully get to the rest of the decorating this week, but the mantel was what I concentrated on Saturday. I had a major re-do project, the large wreath. I wanted to secure the loose pinecones and greenery since the wreath is a few years old. But I also added shotgun shells and miniature antlers to give it a lodge/cabin theme. These shotgun shells were gathered by me from back behind our barn and shed a while back. A few years ago, I made shotgun shell garland for Matthew's tree in his bedroom.

I'm happy with the mantel and plan to be real careful to keep the lodge/cabin theme going in the whole room. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and there will be a lot more as I decorate.

BUT, before you scroll through mantel decor pictures, I want to tell you about an exciting piece of mail that came Saturday. A letter size envelope with a very familiar logo on it. GOOSEBERRY PATCH. The logo that all of us Gooseberry Patch fans long to see, especially if we've submitted recipes or ordered something. The letter and permission form was letting me know that they will be using one of my recipes in a future publication. It'll be out in April 2011, and the title sounds like it will be a great collection of favorites. I'm so EXCITED! That's the second GP cookbook that I'm in.

Ok, here's the mantel pictures. Thank you for stopping back by Lillie Mae Acres, and please come back real soon. It's almost hot cocoa weather, so you never know when I'll have some simmering on the back burner and a sweet baked up to go with it.

My two favorite guys were out of town bluegrassin' all day Saturday. This wreath re-do was to surprise them, since I added the shotgun shells and antlers to it.

Can you see the bull head ornament just under the bow on the above lantern?

I just found the rusty metal acorn bells in the above picture at Walmart the other day. I attached the rifle and pine branch to it. There are two of these, one on each side.

I LUV LUV LUV my black bears sitting up there. We fell in love with black bears while visiting the Smoky Mountains. They usually sit on my floor.

I'm hoping that I can stick to the lodge/cabin theme. My beautiful prim and antique Christmas decor can be used elsewhere.

I still have a lot to do, including getting the actual fireplace ready for a fire when we need one. A few weeks ago, Matthew showed me some HUGE jumbo marshmallows in the store and I want to go ahead and get a bag for toasting. YUM! Or maybe for some Smores! Double YUM!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Autumn - Fall

You've already seen a few posts back how I let autumn and fall decorations spill all over my kitchen. The front porch is a little decorated, as well as a wreath on the back door. If Florida's weather and natural fall foliage was as cool/cold and colorful as most of the country, I probably wouldn't decorate inside as much.

I thought you'd enjoy a few pictures of what nature is doing all around our home and land right now, as of this morning. Although it's been very warm and we have had no rain in over two months up until yesterday, flowers are still trying to bloom and the fall garden is doing it's best to please us and supply us with a bountiful harvest. As I type this, it is pouring rain with loud claps of thunder. I love the sound of the pouring rain on our metal roof, and the fact that the temperature is supposed to drop starting tonight.

I'm getting ready to clear things away from the fireplace and cozy it up with some Christmas decor and get it ready for heavy usage. I'm dreaming of a new Christmas tree this year, a 7 1/2 foot slim, but that's for a future blog post.

Enjoy the pictures of what's going on outside my windows. Thanks so much for stopping by.

A patio flower blooming better now than it did all summer.
The above picture is our orange tree standing by the pool. Hopefully they'll make it and taste oh so yummy.
My little flower garden was in full bloom all spring/summer and is fading away. It'll be back in the spring of 2011.

The acres and acres of Goldenrods in full bloom.

An old chair on the front porch decorated for fall.

See folks, Lillie Mae Acres has a light sprinkling of colorful foliage.

The fall garden in the distance, doing very good even though there hasn't been much rain. It's fixing to be time to start putting turnip greens/roots, mustard, and collards in the freezer.

Just one of Wayne's many pepper plants.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lily, Minnie, & Family plus WHAT?

It's been a week since my baby princess Lily had her 1st birthday party. She had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party, and oh so much fun for Lily, Minnie Mouse, and family. As with most 1st birthday parties, there were way more adults than kids but that's ok. That just proves that she's adored and loved by so many.

A girl has to stop partying for nutritian purposes you know!

Her grandma made her personal cake to look just like Minnie ears.

Her little cousin came to play, he's just 4 weeks younger than her.

I made Gourmet Vanilla cupcakes for my lit'l cuppycake's party. Some chocolate ones to go around too.

Balloons everywhere!

Her daddy made sure we all had yummy hotdogs and hamburgers to eat.

And WHAT? Who did what at her party? Mommy and Daddy got married! Oh my goodness, that's wonderful. Daddy waited until everyone was full of food, all the presents had been opened, and everyone was listening. He announced that there was fixing to be a wedding. The best present a little princess could get for her first birthday!

The picture below is of my aunt and uncle. We were so glad they could make it. Yep, that's me trying to get her to look at the camera.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Younger Wives

These lovely smooth hands adorned with gorgeous diamond wedding rings belong to the new generation of wives in our family. The younger wives! The ones that have recently married, and all currently under 30 years old.

New wives and homemakers. Current mommies and future mommies! This is the generation that has just begun a daily routine of dishes, laundry, floors, windows, cooking, nurturing, understanding, unselfishness, etc., etc., etc. The list is just too long to go on. The most important thing of all though is serving God! If God is not first, ahead of everything, every part of life is always so much more difficult.

These lovely hands will be cooking a lot of meals with love for the rest of their lives. They are the ones that had better get that Thanksgiving dressing recipe perfected by the time it's their turn to play hostess in years to come. They are the ones that are currently perfecting recipes of new and old, finding out from their husbands what's good and what NEVER to cook again.

We've all been there.

So here they are again, the hands that are currently smooth and young, wearing diamond rings as a symbol that they have become wives, homemakers, moms and future moms. I hope and pray they NEVER take one second for granted.

I know these three lovely young ladies. I know they're up to the challenge. I know that they are willing to make all the sacrifices that a wife and mother has to make. So tie on those aprons and give it all you've got girls!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

County Fair Winnings

Our county fair has come and gone. I can't really say that I miss going to the fair. We took Matthew when he was a kiddo. We happen to live between two county fair sites that are always scheduled one week following the other, so he got a little spoiled, and we got more than we could take. I seem to remember the last year we went, I got sick and I NEVER get sick on rides.

This was my second year entering my canned goods and I think I did pretty good. I only won two blue ribbons which disappointed me a little, but there's always next year. I also won six red ribbons. I only say that I'm a little disappointed because I worked so hard to follow all the rules in the County Fair Guide that we get every year.

I carefully selected which jar in each category to enter, then packed them in one of my favorite baskets and headed to the fair grounds. Don't you just love baskets? That's my favorite way to transport things back and forth, especially covered dishes.

With my BIG winnings check, that sweet hubby of mine is going to the western store for a new pair of Wranglers. I made this decision last Sunday when I sweetly and casually looked over at him in church (because I'm always proud that he is sitting there, so close, and loving God) and thought to myself that I was tired of seeing him in those yucky jeans. Like a good wife, I leaned over and told him the plan (my plan) to which his reply was that he just got them broken in and didn't want a new pair. Of course we all know that he will be getting a new pair of jeans!

I'm gearing up to enter a local holiday cooking contest for the third year in a row plus trying to tie up loose ends on Matt's grade 10 work and get it sent in to his school. This Friday, my precious baby neice Lily will be 1 year old! Her exciting little party is scheduled for Saturday and I will have the honor of making gourmet vanilla cupcakes for it. YUMMY!

It's a busy time around Lillie Mae Acres, but also a beautiful time of the year so it's all balanced out! I hope you're having a blessed autumn/fall and enjoying whatever activities are going on in your neck of the country. As always, thanks for dropping by. Don't be a stranger!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Matthew's Hero Meeting Weekend

By now you all know how we feel about Bluegrass music here on Lillie Mae Acres. We LOVE it! Especially Bluegrass Gospel. Matthew was invited to go to the IBMA fanfare weekend with some good friends so off he went to Nashville, TN this past weekend. Hurt back and all. Well actually his back is doing so much better, in fact he's not even in any type of a brace anymore. What a great healing God we serve and I give Him all the glory.

Back to IBMA International Bluegrass Music Assoc., they had an impressive list of bands and pickers there. Matthew has always respected Earl Scruggs, I mean who doesn't respect his banjo pickin'? My goodness, he was even on Beverly Hillbillies a few times! Matthew also looks up to Jim Mills, which up until about a month ago was Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder banjo picker. Yep, he was there and Matthew got to meet him, talk to him, even had his picture taken with him. Today, Matthew told me he could have picked with him but was too nervous. WHAT????? He had the chance to pick with Jim Mills and did not. He regrets it now of course.

He really enjoyed the entire trip and is still talking about it. Here are just a few of the 100+ pictures he came back with. God has really blessed us with some great friends through our love for Bluegrass music and Matthew has been blessed with many opportunities.

Not much has been happening here on the farm. Fall is finally here so the mornings and evenings are just wonderful. We don't have a lot of foliage beauty like a lot of you do, but still even the slightest change is welcome.

I haven't cooked our fall/winter favorites yet which are chili, vegetable soup, dumplings, and other comfort belly warming one pot meals. I'm thinking about them though!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and come back real soon. Thank you for stopping back by.