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Lillie Mae Acres

Friday, September 17, 2010

Reclaimed Wood becomes Family Heirlooms

We love family heirlooms. And I mean all three of us. Through Wayne and myself, Matthew has a natural respect and love for them too. So far we haven't ran across any ancestors that were rich though, so our family heirlooms are simple and special but not very valuable in dollars. That's just fine with us, we wouldn't want to part with any of them anyways.

A few months back I made a sign out of a piece of wood from my grandmother's home. I posted about it, so really this posting is about two more signs. My two new signs are made from wood off of my dad's home. My childhood homestead, from about age 11 until I married and left home.

In reclaiming these beautiful old pieces of wood, I've created heirlooms. I love decorating primitive/farmhouse but do not want signs hanging everywhere throughout my home like I see in the magazines and catalogs. So I really had to think a while before deciding how to best preserve these valuable boards. The three signs have a very special place in my heart; therefore, bring me comfort by helping to make our home comfortable. They actually have history. They've honestly weathered many storms and if they could talk could tell many wonderful stories about family and friends. Now that they are hanging on the interior of our home, more history is sinking into them. Lovely thought!

Thank you for stopping back by and have a blessed weekend.

I saw something very similar to the large ANTIQUES sign above when I was browsing online. It reminds me of an outdoor sign, maybe off an old barn or warehouse.

AMAZING GRACE is one of my favorite hymns and a lovely (I think) thing to constantly remember, praising God throughout the day.

The above sign was made from my grandmother's home. I blogged about it back in April or May.


  1. All of your signs are great but Amazing Grace is my all-time favorite hymn so of course I'm drawn to that one. How special that they're made out of wood from your past.

  2. LOVE your homemade signs, but I have to agree with Oklahoma Granny...Amazing Grace is the best!

  3. LOVE the signs!! Great reuse project!


  4. I love all your signs! Very nice job once again Denise~!

  5. Wonderful job on the signs! I love the way you made the antique words vertical instead of the typical horizontal. How much better that they have meaning to you. I have a couple of small ones that I made from old homestead barnwood and I treasure them because the wood had been in the family for many years.


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