Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Silver Pen & Golden Foliage

Catchy little title, huh? It'll make sense, I promise.

I never remember to get one of these. A silver pen to sign our Christmas cards with. When addressing our cards, I realize it year after year. I always regret not planning it better, then I think that next year I'll get a silver pen. I finally remembered so I wasn't taking any chances. A whopping $1.50, and it brought me great joy.

Now I can't wait to sit down and address Christmas cards. Yes, I already have the beautiful cards for this year. No, I will not be addressing them this early. That would be a major jump on the holidays and take all the fun out of it! I wouldn't do that this early because I love my favorite Christmas music in the background and hot chocolate to sip while addressing the pretty cards to all of our family and friends.

One major thing needs some attention real soon. I need to plan and arrange our Christmas pictures for the cards. Hmmm?

Ok, on to golden foliage. This is Florida, so do not expect too much, especially anytime soon.

The above picture is my favorite. It's my view from my front porch swing.
Our winding private trail out to the road. Walking it is so much more beautiful than the picture above shows.

I'm planning my mom's 70th birthday celebration in conjunction with a "your last chance to swim this year" spaghetti supper Saturday night. Nothing fancy, just a time for family to get together and enjoy Lillie Mae Acres. I'm baking a yummy carrot cake for her and hoping that everyone enjoys an evening in the country. Matthew's back is doing so much better, thank you all for your prayers. He's back to most of his daily activities, just having to take it very careful until we see what new x rays show on the 29th.

I'm glad you stopped back by for a visit to see what's been going on. Come back anytime, sit and browse through what we call our little piece of Heaven on earth. Have a blessed rest of the week and weekend.


  1. WOW! I do believe you have more Fall colors in your trees than we do in ours.

  2. You have some beautiful views and i love your winding drive:) Our leaves here in PA are starting to change, my favorite time of year!!! Hope you enjoy the day:)

  3. Hehehe!! You cracked me up with the silver pen. I get excited about little things like that too. I usually keep them to myself because my family things I'm nuts when I share my joy with them. But I totally understand, girl, and I share your joy!

    Beautiful land you all have. I especially love the winding drive. How wonderful to come home to that every day, very peaceful, serene.

    Have fun this weekend! Happy 70th Birthday to your mom!

  4. I have never heard of a silver pen ~ I've had a very sheltered life I guess !! I will just have to get me one too for my Christmas cards ~ thank you for the inspiration : )
    Fall is slowly coming here too, it's suppose to be in the 70's this weekend, can't wait for the cooler weather !!
    Enjoy your mom's birthday party this weekend & give her a big hug from me ! I know she must be a very special lady, because she has raised one very special daughter !!


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