Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Popular Little Critters

Chickens are very popular little critters all over blog land these days. I've seen all of your rustic, cute, pretty, adorable, cottage like, etc. chicken yards and coops. I'm ashamed to say that the chicken yard and coop here on Lillie Mae Acres is not near as cute and fancy as yours, but here it is.

The chickens seem happy so I guess it doesn't matter that we've let the coop get run down. All of your nice ones did encourage me to tell Matthew that we need to get out there and fix ours up a bit when the weather cools off.

Below are some cute little bizzy beez! We have these fuzzy looking critters enjoying almost everything that still has a bloom on it around here.


  1. How lovely they are and peaceful to look at:) I love how your precious Banjo got his hind end in there in a couple of the pics too, LOL!!!

  2. I think they're so cute out there strolling around the yard !! hehe Do you gather the eggs & use them ?? Or do you ever eat your chickens ?? Oh sorry, I'm a city girl and I couldn't imagine doing that. The only chicken I eat is fried from a restaurant ~ LOL ! A friend of mine has a farm and she has Amish ladies that pluck the chickens for only $1.00 each ~ that's a hard earned dollar if you ask me !! haha
    Thanks for sharing pics of your cute farm at Lillie Mae Acres ♥

  3. I loved seeing your chickens! I'm always begging my hubby for some - he said maybe one day when we retire.

  4. I would be happy with any kind of chicken coop! I want chickens so bad, we have the room but I can't seem to get my hubby to agree with me! Yours are just so cute roaming around the yard!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Yes we do eat the eggs, no we do not eat the chickens. i have to admit that Matthew did want to experience fresh chicken so he did that and we did not enjoy it or like the tuffness of it. Never again!
    They are too much like pets, a few even have names.
    TY for all the nice comments. Hopefully we will fix the place up a bit when the weather cools off.

  6. Love all those Chicken and the coop is perfect
    so freely to roaming around, Love to have some
    chickens but where I live its bit to warm
    but we have a nice Garden Open area Green House
    we started in 2009..
    I'm a follower will add yours to my favorties
    Blessings Trish-Ladybug


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