Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Sunday, September 26, 2010


My mom's birthday is this Tuesday, so Saturday night Wayne & I hosted a birthday supper/party here on the farm. Of course as most of you know, we've been praying for rain. And as you also know, when you pray for something, you give the need/problem to God. You leave it in His capable hands, then it never fails that He never fails and the answer is right on time! He answered our prayers and the rains started falling. They fell all afternoon and cooled the air, just for my mom's birthday party. Then came to a stop before family started arriving. Wonderful timing!

The supper was delicious, the party was well worth it for my mom's sake. BUT! Oh yes, there is always a BUT!

In conjunction with the supper invites, we also told everyone that the pool was out there for swimming. Several said yes that they would be swimming. I can't tell you how much money we spent getting it beautiful and blue (we had neglected vacuuming it since Matt's accident) and the rain did not ruin that. I had even spent all morning rounding up old pool toys from storage for the little guys, new ones not even opened yet, and all the towels, furniture cushions, etc. Nothing was ruined by the earlier rains because it was all waiting for the guests in the laundry room. It had stopped raining before everyone arrived, leaving nice and perfect temps for swimming. Guess what, nobody wanted to swim. They all decided for some reason to stay indoors! WHAT? Yep, they decided that they didn't want to swim. Nobody wanted to walk the grounds, look at the garden, flowers, fruit trees, barn, horse, chickens, rock on the front porch, NOTHING! We even have a pool table and darts down in the game room! NOTHING! Ok, so Wayne is right! Now that's off my chest instead of keeping it bottled up. We are still shaking our heads though.

With all that said and done, I am so happy and have no regrets doing something special for my mother. I'm glad I honored her with a celebration of her birthday instead of just letting this special year slip by with just a birthday card and present. I'm glad I'm not too old to learn valuable lessons that will help me in the future (Wayne does try to tell me not to go overboard & expect too much in return). Most of all, I am SO VERY THANKFUL that I have my mother to love, laugh with, cry with, shop with, complain to, etc. I love her so much and truly thank God for her!

On a lighter note, it is going to be a very hectic week for us. We'll be getting Banjo Boy Matt all packed and ready to head off to Nashville, Tennessee with some friends. They are going to the International Bluegrass Music Assoc awards. Yippy for him, and we're thankkful God has sent so many good friends into our lives that travel a lot and invite Banjo Boy along for the fun, experience, learning, etc.

See you next time!


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Momma, and that cake looks delicious!!! How wonderful for your son, sounds like a great time for him:)

  2. What a beautiful cake you made for your mother Denise & I'm sure she loved the beautiful party you gave for her !!
    That's too bad that no one took advantage of your beautiful yard & pool !! I know you worked hard to get it in perfect condition. When I come to visit you someday I will be sure to look around at all your beautiful land and your home and make sure I tell you how much I love it !!
    You are a wonderful daughter & a wonderful friend ~~ luv ya ♥

  3. Sending lots of birthday wishes to your mom. Her cake is jsut outstanding. I'll bet it was even more delicious!

  4. What a lovely cake and picture of your mother! She is so cute! You are truly blessed to still have her in your life as your momma and your friend!

    Have a wonderful week and enjoy the weather as it begins to cool down (slowly cool down)!

  5. TY everyone for my mom's birthday wishes. She did have a very good few days of celebrating, and my sister and I went to town w/ her today to have a shopping day. We had a blast and need to make sure we do it a lot more than we do. I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful fall weather as much as we are.


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