Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Musings

I think it's finally happening. Summer is trying to fade away in it's own fashion...which here in Florida means cooler mornings (just to get our blood pumping) and HOT days until sometimes towards late October. The calendar doesn't have too many summer days left on it officially, so we can get excited about that.

I over dressed for church yesterday morning, even wore black hose. I sweated and regretted, but you know how us southern girls are...our mamas taught us to NEVER wear white after Labor Day. That is one rule that a lady can't break. It would have the busy body church ladies shaking their heads, rolling their eyes, and nudging each other instead of listening to the preacher. Oh no, Lillie Mae doesn't ever want to be the reason a nice busy body church lady doesn't get the full message in her heart that the preacher worked so hard to preach! LOL, just a little church humor this morning to give you a Monday morning giggle.

In the mornings when I walk around Lillie Mae Acres talking to God and drinking coffee, I see stuff that might not catch my eye any other time. So when I remember to, I take my camera. Here are some pictures captured within the last month or so.

I hope you all have a very good Monday and thank you for visiting my humble home this morning.

The HUGE mushroom in the pictures above was found under an oak tree. I've never seen such, and when I bent down to get a closer look it had little micro flying bugs flying all over it. YUCK!
YAY, my first pineapple. Actually this is a plant from my dad's and I've taken care of it so I hope the pineapple develops. Who knew they were this beautiful purple color?

I do hope the oranges from this tree are delicious and juicy! The blossoms smell so wonderful and just a few weeks ago the bees were working so hard, I felt bad watering the tree because it disturbed them.
Oh look! Fall foliage above. He he, that's all the beautiful leaves changing colors you'll see right now in my neck of the woods.

Up to the day of Matt's big fall from the tree stand, him and his dad worked so hard mowing. trimming, and bush hogging everything. I love that it's all neat and tidy for a while.
Well folks, that's it for now. Come back soon!


  1. LOVELY pictures....summer is fading quickly here. I'm a little sorry to see it go but love autumn so it isn't all sad.


  2. I like your church humor and loved the tour, Lillie Mae acres looks very peaceful:)

  3. I love your nice peaceful land, especially the long path along the trees....I hope fall comes soon for you !!

  4. Haha! Yes, I grew up with that also. When my daughter started dressing herself, the first time she tried to wear white after Labor Day... I flipped out. My husband thought I was nuts. He wasn't raised in church and had never heard that rule. Haha!

    Lillie Mae Acres is beautiful and I just know it will be even more so when you start seeing trees of gold, burnt orange, rust, deep red. I bet you just can't wait!

  5. Love the church humor, it made me giggle!!! The photos are nice and peaceful. What pretty property you have! I don't like mushrooms! yuck!!
    Fall hurry up and get here. I love he fall and winter here in Florida!
    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Hello, I'm a visitor from Shelly's blog. Its weird seeing the change of season coming from warm state! I live in Wisconsin and just always assume Florida stays "green" all the time. Your home is beautiful.

  7. What a relaxing read. I was bragging on your home last night :) When I grow up I want to be like Denise!


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