Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thrifted Treasures

That sweet hubby of mine took me thrifting Saturday and we enjoyed the whole day with no time limits. In between the many stops, we did enjoy a wonderful lunch at Cracker Barrel. It's sort of in between seasons right now, so I didn't find anything in the general store that I couldn't live without. I'm sure with more fall and holiday stuff arriving daily that the next time I go, there will be something I have to have. Lunch was delicious as usual.

We started at our favorite flea market then went from there all over the city from one antique mall to another. We even found a new thrift store that is now one of our favorites!

Here are my wonderful thrifted treasures of the day.

And guess what my grand total of the day in $$ was! Oh you won't believe it. I spent under $7.00 on everything in this picture. Yep, and all in loose change! The most I had to count out at any one store or location was a little over $3.00 so using up the heavy change in my purse was not a problem.

The big nice upholstered pillow is new or like new. It was a whopping $1.00. I got it because I have fabric to reupholster it in and it's so firm and large, unlike the expensive pillow forms that Walmart now carries. I just need to find a few more and I'll reupholster them all at the same time.

The Pfaltzgraff "you are special today" plate was .50, and although it's not my china pattern it will do when I'm celebrating family birthdays. A girl just can't leave a special plate that is only .50 sitting there can she, especially of Pfaltzgraff quality
The pictures of the mustard candle shelf do not do it justice. It does need a little stain rubbed on it to prim it up a little more, but in my prim opinion it looks so much better than it did. Look back at the picture of items on the porch, this candle shelf was stained but also had a shiny finish on it.

The pretty wall pocket below mimics an antique wooden scoop. I love it by my back door. I used to have a hanging lantern there but this looks better. I found the chunky olive green candle at Hobby Lobby to stand in it. Just what I envisioned!

I haven't really done anything else with the other items, oh but you know I will be sitting these other little prim treasures around to make Lillie Mae Acres as pretty and cozy as I can.

Well, I hope you enjoyed today's visit. I'm sure thankful that you came by and I can't wait to see what little treasures you've come across at wonderful prices. See you next time.


  1. What a wonderful Saturday for you Denise !! I'm glad you got to eat at Cracker Barrel, I hope you get back there for the fall decor. I haven't been there in a while either ! I love the new goodies you got, the mustard scoop looks wonderful ! It's always a pleasure to stop by and see what's cookin and lookin good at Lillie Mae Acres ~ ♥ ~

  2. I've been looking for an "I'm special today" plate for a while; would love to find one as a resale! Lucky you!

  3. Lillie Mae acres is VERY pretty and cozy;) What great finds and great prices too! LOVE the candle shelf and pocket!!!

  4. Oh my word!!! You got some great stuff. And geez you got right to primming up that candle shelf.

    I keep finding those scoops too, but never seem to pick them up. About the time I decide I want one I won't find any. LOL.


  5. All of your treasures are wonderful. I would have to say the plate is my favorite. And all for less than $7 - WOWZA!

  6. GREAT treasures Denise!! What a sweet way to spend some time with hubby :)


  7. Fun, fun, fun! That is my kind of day. I can't believe you got all of that for 7 bucks! You're my kind of shopper. I just love the mustard color of that candle shelf. It looks great!


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