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Lillie Mae Acres

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shoo-Fly Screen

Hey there everyone. It's been real busy around Lillie Mae Acres, but last night I did find some time for myself and a project that I wanted to do.

When my good friend Benita, her cute little blog is titled The Adventures of Driving Miss Daisy, mentioned wanting to make a prim looking shoo-fly screen, I set about trying to find instructions. I was so glad to find easy instructions and pictures over at Olde Pear Primitives. Genevieve decided to share with the world how she makes these great little screens and sells them. Her blog is also a good one so please go over and take a look at her beautiful prim goods.

I found a nice size metal colander at Walmart and although it took my sweet hubby's strength to cut off the metal handles, the work was worth it. He also grinded down the sharp cut metal with his electric grinder and I filled in the small areas with hot glue. That's all I could think of to fill the areas in before painting. It worked great, you can hardly tell.

I regret that I didn't use her great "rusting" technique and should have. I'm not happy with the primer color that I used. I plan on changing it to make it look more like authentic rust.
Go on over to her blog and take a look around. Tell her Lillie Mae sent ya over!

I have such a bad case of fall fever, I'm having to fight the urge to decorate. I just keep telling myself it's too HOT and part of the fun is the cooler weather. So, I'm making myself wait but stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels does not make it easy.


  1. Oh thank you sweetheart for mentioning me & thinking of me !! I ♥ your cute lil shoofly ! What a sweet hubby to do all the hard work for you too : )
    I can't wait for fall either, I know it will look so warm & cozy at Lillie Mae Acres !!

  2. I'm pulling up Genevieve's blog right now because I've been wanting to make some for awhile. Thanks for sharing. I've been on the lookout for some things to make me some shoo-fly screens too. I never even thought of the Hobby Lobby ones! Darn, they just had some at 80% off! I'm sure if I go in there now, they will be gone. I love the way yours turned out! Your little setting with the GBP cookbook looks great!

  3. I received several comments on this posting that I approved but they will not show up for some reason. The help center has other people complaining about it too so maybe they'll show up soon. TY to all of you sweet followers that do take the time to read and post comments.

  4. I always enjoy my visits here! You have such great decorating ideas! Cute sho fly screens!

    By the way, I am also fighting that urge to want to decorate for fall. It is my favorite season and I love the fall decorations. But guess I will try to wait for a few more weeks.

  5. Hi Denise, I havent been on the blog front lately But I had to stop by and say howdy to ya! Lovin'
    your shoo~fly screen!!! You and Hubby did a wonderful job on it!
    OHHH, I am also looking forward to Fall!! I almost got my fall tableware out the other day!

    Have a wonderful evening!!!

  6. OMGoodness, my mom brought it to my attention that I called this a collander and it's really a strainer. She's right and although I know most everyone will know that, but just in case. It's just an inexpensive metal strainer. OK, now that that is cleared up. LOL
    I have no idea how to get the "lost" comments back from several of you that commented and I accepted them but they're not here still.

  7. I have the exact same GBP book sitting on my kitchen island right now :)


  8. I see that you love Gooseberry Patch. I have browsed through the cookbooks but haven't bought any yet. I really should!


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