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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ok August, I'm Done With You

This month has been a very busy month. I'll be so glad when August is gone so I can use September and October to the fullest. Although the weather will be hot and muggy until the end of October, it is what Floridians are dealt with so I'll decorate to the fullest. Ok August, I'm done with you. Go away now!

Precious little Lily Grace came to stay with us one night. She's such a good baby and did so well. We were mainly stuck inside though because every time I tried to take her out, her beautiful white skin attracted yellow flies. Ugh, those things hurt when they bite so getting in the pool was also out of the question. Rocking on the front porch while watching for Mema (my mother, her great grandmother) to arrive was out of the question. We were out there after breakfast and a yellow fly landed on her chubby sweet little foot! One more reason I'm done with summer!

I also let her get as dirty as a little pig. How can a curious 10 month old stay clean when she's exploring?
On August 20, that sweet hubby and I celebrated another wedding anniversary. I am so blessed that I have a God fearing husband that loves God with his whole heart. He also loves and cherishes me and his husband responsibilities as well as Matthew and fatherhood. I would NEVER say marriage and parenthood is perfect because there is no way it could be. It takes work and devotion out of every person involved, but it's so much easier when God is the center of everything. Living by the Bible is so much easier than trying to wing it!

So how about you? Are you done with August and summer? Is the autumn/fall fever raging inside of you as bad as it is inside of me?
Don't be surprised if the next posting is one about fall and fall decorations. I might not be able to wait until September!

Just a very personal note: There is so much going on in my daily life right now that is requiring my mental and physical time/energy. My sister (sweet little seester) and I are really going through a lot with our dad's stuff and trying to get everything resolved BEFORE the end of the year. If you haven't followed/read Lillie Mae Acres for very long, my dad passed away in February. I can't believe it's already been 6 months! Although some paperwork/legal matters was taken care of, a lot was NOT! We are just leaning. depending, and drawing strenth and wisdom from God. Sometimes it seems one step forward sets us three steps back, but we just have to keep telling each other that we're headed towards the mountain top. Please keep us in your prayers. I sure appreciate it!

Remember, don't be surprised if my next posting has FALL splattered all over it. I know ya'll have to be getting excited about the beautiful holidays and weather that's just around the corner! Have a blessed weekend.


  1. LOL....I just posted about fall too! Happy Anniversary to you and hubby, you make a beautiful couple and little lily Grace is SOooo adorable I could just kiss those precious cheeks:) Will be keeping you & your sister in my prayers, those things are never easy but God will see you through it sweet friend! ((hugs))

  2. Our daughter's birthday is Aug 29 and I always look forward to it not only because it's her birthday but because I know that Fall is just around the corner. Like I just told another blogger, I was in Hobby Lobby on Saturday and was tempted to buy some Fall decorations but resisted. Good thing too because I just looked at their weekly ad and some of the things I was wanting are now on sale.

  3. Oh I think we are all ready for Fall!!! I need to paint more and will NOT do it outside right now,This comment is short but sweet~Your pics are all sweet, loving and precious!

    You are so very blessed! You are always in my prayers!

    Happy Anniversary (again)! lol


  4. Little Lily is so cute even when she's dirty as a little piggy! Hehe!

    Great pictures of you and Wayne! You are right on about marriage and parenthood. I wouldn't want to even try if God wasn't at the beginning of it all. I fail all the time as it is WITH Him. I can only imagine what a disaster it would be WITHOUT Him!


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