Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Thursday, July 29, 2010

FREE burlap pillows for this ole' gal

Lillie Mae knows a bargain when she sees one! When I first started noticing the popularity of burlap throw pillows with vintage prints and advertising on them I didn't fall in love with the idea. Then I decided I did like them and wanted a couple for my bed. But you know me, those crafty little wheels churn around in my head all the time and I knew what a bargain I was going to have my burlap pillows at. FREE! Yep, that's right, the word FREE is what you just read.

Living in the country and on a small farm has many advantages. One such advantage is that we have dirty ole nasty "treasures" all inside the barn and shed. You know yourself that one man's garbage is another man's treasure.

Take a look at my new throw pillows. I love them because it's just what I wanted, authentic vintage, and very affordable. FREE! That word is one of my favorite words.

And doesn't burlap just look and feel like fall weather? It makes me think of pumpkins and hay. It really does. I think when I'm through here and press the post button, I'll go light one of my Old Virginia candles and pretend that the weather outside is actually cooling off.

So whatever you call it, burlap or gunny does look so country and cozy covering a few pillows. I'm thinking about a couple for the living room.

I hope you enjoyed visiting Lillie Mae Acres today. If we all ban together and pretend it's fall maybe it will be real soon.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pear Honey

This posting is for my friend Gail over at Faithfulness Farm. I love her blog and know you will too if you'll go over and take a look. (After you finish here at Lillie Mae Acres of course)

Gail was kind enough to comment on my last post and ask me for my Pear Honey recipe. From experience I know that if you have pears you have a huge amount and need several recipes to use. I would love for everyone to have this recipe because it is oh so yummy! Do give it a try with HOT bisquits one morning, unless you are having to watch your sugar intake. If you are one of those people, you'd better stick to whatever your doctor recommended and NOT homemade preserves and honeys.

Here's the recipe and I sure hope you enjoy it as much as all the folks around here do!

Lillie Mae's Pear Honey

8 cups of pureed pears (peel,core,&cut pears into chunks then puree in blender)
1 cup unsweetened pineapple juice
8 cups sugar

After pureeing pears and measuring 8 cups, put into a large boiler, pour pineapple juice in, and turn on med. heat. Slowly stir in sugar and bring to a boil stirring constantly.
After bringing it to a full boil, turn heat back down between low and simmer, making sure to stir regularly for 2-2 1/2 hours. It will thicken and the last hour of cooking is when it will start to scorch if you don't stir regular. Give or take a few minutes cooking time as it thickens like honey.

Ladle into sterile jars, place a seal from boiling water, tighten ring one twist and sit on a level surface. Make sure they "pop" seal or you'll need to refrigerate.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Farmhouse Kitchen Update

OK, here I am mama. Here's another post just for you.
My mom reminded me the other day that I needed to write a new post, it's been a while.
It's so HOT here in Florida, I think it's hotter than it's ever been. I know we Floridians probably say that every year. Of course it's also the time that every ones spring gardens are at their full potential and the farmhouse kitchen here at Lillie Mae Acres has been a busy place.
Not only do we grow our own garden and a few fruits, we also trade with friends and relatives. Just the other day, I traded blueberries for blackberries with my mom. Wayne traded potatoes for a different kind of cucumber and tomatoe than what we grew with neighbors.

A friend brought me some corn and a jar of her plum jelly for some of our zipper peas and a jar of my plum jam. That's just how it works in the country amongst friends, family, and neighbors. I took pears and tomatoes to my mom and sister this morning and now I have a kitchen floor full of pears to make pear honey and pear preserves with this weekend.
I have beautiful green onions growing just off the patio in the backyard and a pot full of chives growing on the side of the house. I enjoy taking my scissors out there and snipping just what i need when I'm cooking. Our yellow squash didn't do too well this year, we had a few good ones then nothing. Oh well, the fall squash will be plenty!
Let's see, so far Lillie Mae's freezer is full of zipper peas and okra pods from the spring garden. My canning shelf is filled with stewed Italian tomatoes, Uncle Tom's salsa (hot and mild), plum jelly, plum jam, plum sauce, fig preserves, strawberry fig preserves, and after this weekend both pear honey and pear preserves will be up there.

Only two jars of pear honey left on the shelf from last year. There's more on the way!

What's next? Well we have more okra in the garden, some pepper to put up and although gourds aren't a food we have them growing. When all this is over and done with, we'll just sit back until it get's cool enough to plant a fall garden.

Although it's mighty hot out there, flowers are still trying to be as pretty as they can. God has blessed us with a lot of rain in the past few weeks so they are soaking that good stuff up!

If you haven't tried my recipe for Georgia Tomato Roast on page 27 in the Gooseberry Patch "Slow Cookers Casseroles and Skillets" you really should because it is sure yummy. I cooked it last Sunday and it was gone in a flash!

Oh and one more thing about the good ole' summer time, why does Mom (me) end up doing clean up the next day after a pool party? Isn't there some rule that says if Mom (me) feeds the crowd, the crowd can cleanup after themselves? I'm dreaming!

So whatever you are up to these days, I sure hope you're having fun and enjoying your weather, family, friends, and most of all God's blessings. Come back to see me real soon!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Boo Hoo

Boo hoo, the blogger background I had is no longer available with my cute little apron and I am now having to find something that makes me just as happy. I haven't found it yet so I'll be changing it a lot for a while probably.

I hope you're all having a great week with beautiful weather. See ya later right here at Lillie Mae Acres. Till then, God Bless.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

God's Beautiful Art and Music

I'm in love with waking up early and having time for coffee, Bible, and prayer out by the pool. Monday morning I was awake by about 5:30 even though Wayne wasn't getting up to go to work because of the holiday. I made the coffee and slipped out the back door to be out in the open air, just me and God. Oh, and Banjo too. Of course Banjo would prefer it if I wasn't out there for quiet time with God, that dog is ready to run and play way before the sun comes up.

When I relax back in the lounge, read, pray and then look up at the beautiful morning sky I also hear the churping, singing and other noises of God's creatures. It's so easy to feel close to God and stare into the sky.

When I am laying there, I see above me and around me all of His beautiful art, hearing His beautiful music, thanking Him for everything and everyone in my life.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, I just had to come back in the house and get my camera.

None of us deserve His grace, His mercy, His foregiveness, and love. But it's all ours, freely given just because He loves us. If you've asked Him into your heart and He abides there, you have a peace and understanding that the world just can't understand.

Thanks for dropping back by Lillie Mae Acres. You can stick around, kick back in one of the lounges by the pool, and stare into the sky if you want to. I'll even bring you a cup of coffee or a big tall glass of sweet tea, then leave you alone so it'll just be you and God.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hey There and a very HAPPY 4th to You

HAPPY JULY 4TH to everyone. I hope you all have wonderful plans, weather, and that you stay safe always keeping God in the midst of your activities.

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted. It's been just one thing popping up after another around Lillie Mae Acres, busy busy busy.

Wayne and I both have summer birthdays, along with the Mother's and Father's day weekends. Added to that was a family wedding, and the ultimate landscaping project of adding a HUGE patio. Now that was a mess.

I'm going to sit down hopefully tonight and plunder through all of my favorite blogs or should I say your blogs?

I know this isn't much of a post either, but here's a few pictures for you to sit back and look through with your coffee in one hand and a sweet yummy muffin on the saucer next to you.

Stick around as long as ya'll like, I've got to get up and get the wash going.

It's Pea pickin' time in Florida and that's keepin' us a little busy. This is just the first pickin'. There's more to come. I now have 13 quart bags of Zipper Peas in the freezer so friends and family will get some from the next pickin'.

My nephew got married on June 19th. What a beautiful wedding they had and they did everything (EVERYTHING) themselves. PJ (nephew) even helped pick out the decor and actually helped Amber (new niece) decorate. What a great little "team" they make.

I'm making sure I make time for these two important ladies. My mom and Aunt Cathy. After all, I do contribute almost all of my homemaking, cooking, crafting, decorating, etc. skills to these two wonderful blessings. Of course God get's all the glory for everything, but He did put them in my life.
Isn't God the best artist you've ever seen? This is the sunset over our pool each evening.
Luvin' my bright red milk can.
Aahh, the HUGE outdoor job! The patio is done but we haven't built the cover over it yet. It'll come. We still have to paint all of the wrought iron outdoor furniture, and that'll come too.

Yes, when Ruthie over at Sugar Pie Farmhouse showed us her big white pig, I just had to run get this one from the top of my linen closet, repaint it and fix it up for my July 4th centerpiece.

Last but not least, these adorable folding retro shopping baskets that the stores have come out with are wonderful catch-alls. I couldn't resist this red one! I took all the snacks from the pantry out, put them in here, and created more space in the pantry. Looks good too I think!