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Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Goodness Gracious they're Good

Goodness gracious, good and light. Aunt Martha (Martha White) helps me make the best muffins. She makes it so easy and they're packed full of fruit and flavor.
Yummy anytime of the year. And before you question it, please know that my blog is all personal. I am not paid by any company. I enjoy blogging too much to have someone tell me what to say.
But don't you just love those muffin mixes that I'm just so sure she puts together with her own little hands? Of course she's been around since 1899 I think. I do like to keep several packages of her mixes in my baking cabinet all the time so I have something to whip up and serve with coffee.

Well, my mom was gonna come have coffee with me this morning so I baked up my two favorite flavors in my Texas Muffin pan. I know you don't get as many muffins when you use those pans, but I love the larger size, don't you?
All sorts of delicious crops are ready for the picking here in Florida, vegetables and fruit. The strawberries are just about gone here so I had to buy some at the grocery store but the blueberries are just getting plump for the pickin'and these came off my bushes.
Since the berries were in the refrigerator, I thought I'd use a few to garnish the delicious muffins for our little morning get-together. Pretty, huh?

And you all know how I just love any excuse in the book to use my Pfaltzgraff Folk Art. I've collected this pattern as my china since they appeared in the Gayfers Dept. stores in the 80's. I even registered it as my wedding pattern and received so many pieces.
We both really enjoyed the morning with good coffee, good muffins, and a whole lot of good conversation. I hope you can get these muffin mixes wherever you grocery shop. Sweet n Happy baking from Lillie Mae to all of you sweet faithful readers.


  1. We can get Martha White mixes here in NE Oklahoma. Her mixes are very nice.

  2. My daughter loves both of those mixes. She's even started making them for herself they are so easy. Hope you had a nice time with your momma.

  3. OH YUMMY! I think I smelled them clear up here in PA!!!!

  4. What a delicious post! They look so delicious. Love your Folk Art dishware and your hutch is so gorgeous!

    Thanks for a cute post!


  5. TY sweet ladies. I love cookin' but it's also nice to take a shortcut when the outcome can be just as yummy.

  6. I tried leaving a message before and it didn't seem to go thru. FOrgive me if it posts twice!!

    Your muffins look delightful and I love your folk art dishes. I'd love to come for coffee :)


  7. Ah yes, you can't go wrong with those packaged muffin mixes. We live on them! =]

    So nice that you were able to spend some good quality time with your mom.

  8. O so lovely, I'm in the mood for baking.

    Lisa xx

  9. They ARE yummy...and I love to make things that are EASY too...:) My kids love those cinnamon buns that come in a!



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