Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Monday, May 31, 2010

Good Ole American Fun on Memorial Day

Hey there from Lillie Mae Acres. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Memorial Day. We started out the beautiful day with a lot of yard work, then it tried to rain on us. That was ok though, we need it around here.

We ended up grilling some yummy hamburgers and my nephew and his fiance came over to eat and swim.

Here lately I've been adding onion bits to my hamburger meat when I'm mixing it up to pat out. That along with Worcestershire sauce and salt. Everyone loves it so I just thought I'd pass that on to ya'll. I fried french fries and baked delicious white chocolate chunk cookies as dessert.

Of course we didn't forget what this day is set aside for! Our wonderful military past and present. I am so thankful to be an American, so thankful for those that fought and still fight for our continued freedom and the fact that I can and do worship God without fear.

This beautiful nation of ours, she needs our prayers more than ever. God bless America.


  1. Ah yes, you are sharing pictures of your Americana on your porch! It is lovely! I don't know why, but nothing says summer to me like the red, white, and blue! I love the fact that we have three holidays over the summer to celebrate the flag: Memorial Day in May, Flag Day in June and Independence Day in July. Awesome!!

    Speaking of blue... that pool is a pretty shade! We opened our pool and then it rained. We are still working on getting the ph level right so ours is a pretty shade of green. Haha!

  2. Hi sweetie, your pool looks wonderful, and it looks like Banjo is maybe thinking that too, LOL!!!! Our shepherd won't go near ours, she doesn't like water:)Have a lovely day!!!

  3. Your house looks great & I had no idea that you had a pool that big !!
    I'll have to remember your trick for the hamburgers too, I love onions on everything : )
    You have a wonderful life at Lillie Mae Acres !!

  4. Yes Angie, red white & blue does seem summery and I like having little holidays throughout too. TY ladies for your sweet comments, it is hard to keep the pool balanced in this Florida heat but we try because none of us enjoy the beaches. Isn't that funny, we live so close yet don't care for the salt water or crowds! Oh yes, banjo would like to get in but hopefully he'll always listen to us as we continue to tell him no. He did go for a swim in our neighbors cement pool but our sweet GS dog Duke was way too scared!
    TY for taking the time to read and comment and for being so faithful!

  5. So glad you were able to spend your day with family. Family, memories and freedom - we have a lot to thank our veterans for.

  6. Your porch is wonderful - looks like a great place to relax! Thanks for the tip on the burgers - I usually add the worcestershire, but I'll need to remember the onion bits now!

  7. Looks like you guys had alot of fun! Love the looks of your house!


  8. Hi Denise!
    I'm finally getting caught up on some of my blogs! Looks like y'all had a great time!!
    My very fav photo is the first one, Love, love, love the wagon in the distant scenery and the plants in the close up of the pic!
    Great photography!

  9. TY sweet friends. Jackie, you can copy the wagon pic if you want. We were blessed with a great day in a great country of freedom, and I am so blessed with a great family to share days like this with!


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