Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

God n Prayer, Boots n Flowers

I bet that title got your attention. Good, because it's so important that everyone knows tomorrow Thursday May 6, 2010 is the NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER. Some people are saying it was cancelled but just who can cancel prayer? America is a Christian nation and needs God. Nobody can tell you that prayer was cancelled, nobody can tell you when to pray or not. I sure wish people would wake up and start thinking for themselves instead of letting whoever is on the tv at the moment do it for them. Anyway, remember to tell others about tomorrow.

Ok, on to boots! Boots, boots, and more boots. Our family wears them year round and almost anywhere. I guess that's why they're laying all over the house. I can't wait till we close in the back porch area and create the "Mudroom of My Dreams".

Now on to flowers, we are having the prettiest spring. Flowers are blooming all over my yard and as some have to fade away, others start blooming elsewhere. I'm feeling like I may FINALLY have a green thumb, but I'm not going to declare that just yet.

Mother's Day is Sunday so we're having a big family supper at my mom's Friday night. I'm doing the cooking so I guess I better get started on gathering my ingredients and supplies. I'm planning homemade chicken pot pie, a 7-layer salad, and a pound cake. Simple but oh so good!

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  1. Ofcourse, I will spread the word!!! I pray daily...numerous times!!
    On to the boots and flowers! Cute are gorgeous!!

    Have a wonderful time with your mother! Dinner sounds delicious!!!

  2. There's a saying I like that goes, "A day hemmed in prayer rarely comes unraveled."

    Your flowering cactus is lovely. I used to have one but then the brown thumb of doom hit.

    Your Mother's Day dinner sounds wonderful!

  3. I enjoyed all that you shared about the "National Day of Prayer" is so very true. I love all of the pictures! My husband is a cowboy boot kinda we have them around our home also. We spent a few days away and were in Wichita KS for the Prairie Rose Chuckwagon Festival on Saturday! I did not have cowgirl boots...but we stopped by Shepler's and my husband wanted me to try on a pair...needless to say I ended up buying a pair of "shoe boots"...they look like cowgirl boots, but are short and my husband now calls them my "wanna be boots" cute is that! We did have a fun time! Blessings on this "National Day of Prayer" and thank you for sharing! Hugs ~ Teri


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