Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Thursday, April 8, 2010

That Beautiful Red Picnic Plaid and Gingham

Don't you just love red and white plaid? It's got to be the one combination that is a must have in every farmhouse kitchen. That beautiful red picnic plaid that graced our mom's big cookbook when we were growing up

the family picnic tableclothes every summer, and almost the same as the metal lunch box and thermos used for a day of fishing in the good ole' days. Red and white gingham is just as beautiful and loved by this country girl.
For all of you Dollar Tree shoppers, I hope you noticed and took advantage of the great red and white plaid dish towels they had after the holidays. I purchased a bunch of them because they are very well made and large.

They wash up really well too, no shrinkage or getting out of shape in the washer. Anyway, I had my wonderful mom half four of them and hem them for placemats. They turned out so pretty and look great under my blue metal camping plates.

Here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy showing you my love for it.

On to another subject, I sure hope each of you had a wonderful Easter day filled with God's glorious blessings. I thank God for His sacrifice, mercy and grace. We did have a wonderful day, cooking and spending it with family. To top the perfect day off, Matthew returned from a Bluegrass Festival holding the title of Florida State Banjo Champion 2010.
And to end the perfect day, we had a wonderful Easter play at church, which Matthew and Wayne both took part in.

Thank you for dropping by Lillie Mae Acres and visiting with me. I'm so glad you did, and I sure hope you come back soon. Maybe next time I'll have you a cream cheese pound cake baked and some coffee on.


  1. Wonderful family pictures and CONGRATS to your son!!! That is awesome and his Easter basket looks yummy, LOL, my son is 18 and I still made him one too:D Love the pic of Banjo there in the grass:)

  2. Congrat's to Michael on his great win!! My hubby and I love Bluegrass music, and my hubyy plays guitar, mandolin and the banjo..

    Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful Easter and family gathering!!

    I love your red/white placemats that your Mom made!! I also love your valances too!! I have a couple of those red/white checked cookbooks myself, back from when I first started my family housekeeping in 1964.. They still adorn my bookshelf!


  3. First off, once again, I'm SO proud of your son for you!!! wonderful job Matthew and he is only 16....I hope he follows his heart and realizes his talent!

    Next...Denise, your home is so comfy...cozy and welcoming. You are a beautiful decorator. Your mother did a great job on the gingham!!! I only wished my mom had sewed. I have a patch work lap towel she did...all by hand. Not real pretty, but yet so precious...Hmm, another blog post lol.

    I just want to tell you that your home is so beautifully inviting!
    Thank you for another beautiful post!
    Soon, we have to meet half way and do Cracker Barrel for breakfast then thrifting or a flea market!

  4. Thank you for sharing...your home is so warm and so lovely. It looks so ~homey~ and inviting. Everything is so cheery! Congratulations to your son! I love visiting you and seeing all that you share! Sweet blessings! Teri

  5. Thank you all so much. It means so much to me that our home is as comfortable as I can make it and the number one place we want to be. I appreciate all of you liking it too, thank you. I also appreciate you for following and taking time to comment here. Have a blessed day.


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