Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goodies I Won and More

Here's a BIG ole' howdy from Lillie Mae Acres. It's been way too busy around here and I just don't see a slowing down break anytime soon. It's ok though, because that's what keeps us "young".
I have my beautiful winnings from Gail over at Faithfulness Farm to show you. I am so happy. Aren't they great?
Thank you again Gail! I love Gooseberry Patch and Ms. Gail has a couple of recipes in this book she gave away, which of course I am going to try real soon. She even went through the book and marked them for me, I'm so glad she did. She sent me a tea towel that she hand embroidered with love and care, a very nice black metal chicken book stand and this great little chicken theme breakfast set for my morning coffee and cereal! She is so talented and sweet!!! If you don't read and/or follow her blog, please give it a try.

Now below, I'm sure you'll find this interesting too. Lillie Mae loves corn dogs! For some reason, that crazy kid of mine thought it would be funny to take a picture while we were eating lunch the other day. Ok, I eat my corn dogs with a little mustard mixed in ketchup and chunks of raw onion! How do you eat yours?
Doesn't corn dogs and hot dogs make great lunches in spring and summer? I think so!

The picture of my front porch shows you just how bad it needs to be pressure washed! That's on the long chore list we're working on believe me! It'll get done as soon as we can, but we are working towards a huge back patio being poured real soon so some things have to keep being pushed down the list!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my winnings. My favorite room in our home is my farmhouse kitchen. I love being in there and I love changing the decor over and over with new little items here and there to keep it fresh n clean! Nitey nite for now, come back soon.


  1. I mix mustard & ketchup for my corn dog dipping sauce too.

  2. LOL...those corn dogs look yummy:) Your porch is so pretty and welcoming, I just love it, and what wonderful treasures you won:D

  3. Love the tea towel that you won! Cute pic of you, Way to Go Matthew, lol....I eat my corndogs with ketchup, not a mustard fan! Have a good day!

  4. EVERYTHING looks so lovely in your home! Enjoy!!

    Oh, my, I don't remember the last time I ate a corn dog!



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