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Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Curtains on the Cheap but oh so Perfect!

For over a year now I've been planning to make living room curtains. My living room window is huge, so my curtains needed to be over 90" long which is not a length that you can just go buy easily. For some reason, most of the stores only have them up to 84" long. My plan for curtains were always bold stripes, and I knew the colors needed to be reds, golds, and browns.

For years a tan linen valance has hung at the top of vertical blinds and that's been our living room window treatment. It was past time for a change and a BOLD change, so here it is.

I found these at Walmart and they were over $17 per package of two panels. At 40"x84" each, I needed two packages (four panels). OK, Lillie Mae was willing to get them and MAKE it work. My big idea was to sew them to the valance increasing their length.

Tuesday morning I started on the curtain project. See in the picture, it's not even daylight yet through the slit in the blind! I went ahead and hung one up to get a correct measure. They were 6 1/2" too short.
Then I noticed how much I loved the tab top look and didn't want to attach the old valance and cover it up. Hmmm? So then Lillie Mae got her 1st BRIGHT idea of the day! Just put the valance on the bottom.
I measured twice like the rule says and started cutting. The only thing I was cutting was the old tired worn out valances, so if I messed them up we had already got our money's worth out of them anyway!
I got up off the floor OUCH! Just to let you know I don't sew on a sewing machine I sew by hand only. Anyway, I hung the first one up and stood back looking. PERFECT!
I'm waiting a few days to see if the wrinkles drop out but I suspect I'm gonna have to take these things down and iron them. That's ok, isn't that all part of making our home a place of comfort?

BUT WAIT, the best thing is that when I got the two packages of curtains to the register, they only rung up for $7.00 each. My new living room curtains only cost me $14.00, an old valance, a lot of labor, and a whole lot of LOVE!!!


  1. Hi Denise!
    I love the "bold" colors of the new curtains...They look AMAZING!! I also like the "tab" look on the curtain...What a wonderful idea you had to add the valance on the bottom.

    Myself, I picked up sewing recently also. I have had a machine for 3 years, turned it on once. I've been working on a pink kitty pillow for Lil Gal! Doing it by hand also! I need to use the thimble more, lol...

    Great bargain also! I love the new look for you room! Enjoy!!

  2. I luv your new curtains Denise !! What a bargain and you did a great job of sewing them to fit your windows !! I luv the colors !!
    XoXo ~

  3. There's certainly more than one way to skin a cat as they say and you found a great way to do it.

  4. Oh my gosh what a deal!! They look WONDERFUL too, I love the valance on the bottom, way to go Lillie Mae!!!

  5. They look great and yes, you had a bright idea about putting the valances on the bottom! I love to get an unexpected deal at the register!

  6. I really like the colors of the curtains with your paint color. Very pretty!

    Putting the valance at the bottom was a very creative solution-plus, I think it really dresses up the curtains. Great idea!

  7. Thank you everyone. I just used a floor steamer and now they're wrinkle free.

  8. WOW! Girl that is so awesome!! I love the colors you chose.. my favorites! I can't believe you ended up only paying $14 for those. I love how you sewed the valance to the bottom-- great choice! Looks so good!


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