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Lillie Mae Acres

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Prim Shelf Makeover

I have to be careful when I think about painting a piece of wood furniture or decor because wood is so beautiful when it is stained. My hubby being the craftsman/carpenter that he is, he prefers almost anything wood to be stained, enhancing it's grain and beauty.

As I've said many times, our home is a home filled with a lifetime of memories and cherished heirlooms for all three of us. That's because I'm real careful not to leave my hubby's and son's likes and desires out when decorating. This is OUR home, not just mine. We're a family and although we all three love a lot of the same things, we also differ in some ways. We do all love the primitive farmhouse look and feel because it's so comfortable, but we also love a lodge and cabin feel. A love of western and hunting items are also mingled in. There's a little bit of each of us all throughout the house, every room. Every piece of furniture can't be painted and distressed like I see in all the primitive catalogs, I myself don't even like that much paint. I could NEVER take a nice piece of furniture and paint it if it was already stained pretty.

That brings me to this shelf. Do you remember the old Home Interior home parties from the 80's? My whole home was decorated in just about all Home Interior products. Every room had at least one wall grouping that included a shelf and sconces. Those were the days! That company made a lot of money off of Lilly Mae, I'm telling you! Well that was years ago, and I've weeded through and changed decor so many times. Most of the Home Interior items are either gone or packed away. I guess my all time favorite H.I. piece they ever sold was the cloakroom shelf. This was probably their most popular shelf for a long time.

I ended up with three of these beauties throughout my home. In the past several years, they've just been packed up, until I decided I needed a black shelf to complete a new wall grouping the other day. I remembered these, so I took one apart and painted it yesterday. I love the outcome. If we hang on to our favorite things we can always think of other ways to use them. I love the way it turned out, just what I wanted and needed.

Now for another project that's not under way yet and not one that I can just take on and do myself. This is going to take the talent, skills, and know how of that sweet hubby of mine! We have always planned on him making us a beautiful long farmhouse harvest table for the kitchen one day. The picture below is what I want. I found this online and have kept it for him to go by. We need our table to be 38" X 7'. Then we will purchase 5 beautiful black chairs and he will make a bench that looks just like the table. Total seating will be for eight. I can't wait because now he says he has someone that wants to buy my current table and chairs now. The bad part is we won't have a table and chairs for however long it takes him to build our new one. We've got to decide what to do!

Isn't this table pretty? I can just picture it in my kitchen with the other pieces sitting around it! One day, I keep telling myself!

Here are a few other pictures of tables that I found. The basic style is the same, so my table will be very simular. Of course I'll love and cherish mine because Wayne and Matthew will build it with love and care. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Denise, your new arrangement looks very pretty...Love the shelves. I agree with you on some woods not being painted. The majority of mine are, mostly white, black or ivory. But I have a cedar chest & cedar closet that were my moms' and her mom's that I won't touch I love the look of the wood!
    Too funny, I sold H.I. years ago & still have a few pieces. I have a big rose picture in my bdrm. Love the table that your hubby will make for you. You are so fortunate to have someone that can work wood for you. My brother does it also, but he is in Ohio
    Enjoy our beautiful weather!!!
    Hugs, Jackie

  2. It really used to be popular. My friend Dawn used to sell it too and I had several other friends that sold it, all back in the 80's and very early 90's. I really don't hear it mentioned anymore, and certainly wouldn't pay those prices anymore. Hehe, I'm thankful for Hobby Lobby, Michaels, the flea mkt, and thrift stores. And I am thankful for my hubby. Thanks Jackie.

  3. I have 2 of these shelves and they have been painted and refinished many times in all the years they have lived at my house, lol. Your redo is great :)


  4. Love the table that you hope to have soon! I am another one who has a hard time painting something that has a nice wood stain on it. I don't if it's a nice piece of furniture.. My Hubby did paint our diningroom table and chairs black a while back, which had an oak stain on them.. They turned out beautiful! I guess one just never knows what they just might end up painting. Our kitchen cabinets are oak stained, and I've been thinking about having them painted, but haven't decided as to what color for sure yet. I find that I am loving white and the creamy white colors lately.. We shall see..


  5. You know I luv that doll too don't ya ?? LOL
    It will be so wonderful to have that homemade table knowing all the love that your hubby and son put into it. Everytime you serve on of those tasty southern meals of yours on it, you will appreciate it !! I can't wait to see it when its all finished : )
    Luv ya Denise ~ take care sweetie pie !
    xoxo Benita

  6. Everything looks so cute that you have shared...I love the farm table and bench idea! I too, have a few Home Interior pieces from quite a few years back! I like how each of you blend your likes into making your home a place of warmth for each one to enjoy. My husband loves most things western...he is a Roy Rogers collector...maybe I will share a few of his treasures in one of my posts. I love how he takes such an interest in our little home and since he is retired...he now has more time to make our home a place that we both share our interests. Thank you for sharing! Weekend blessings! Teri

  7. I love how the shelf turned out and love that table too, can't wait to see yours:)

  8. My goodness, I have received the nicest comments on this posting. Thank you all. I certainly will be showing off that new table when I get it built, we talked about it late into the night last night. I really think Wayne is FINALLY excited about actually building it. It helps that he was approached by a lady wanting our current table/chairs at a very good price. I guess that got the ball rolling! Of course at today's wood prices, it'll take that $$ just for the wood he said. Stay tuned!

  9. Love the different tables you have pictured here...I love long kitchen tables and benches!

    I wanted to let you know that I've left a little something for you over at my blog....

  10. Hello Lillie Mae!

    Your shelf turned out really nice! Clean, shiney and pretty! So looking forward to seeing your beautiful table!


  11. I generally prefer stained wood to painted, too. I thought I was the only one who still liked that-I read blogs where they paint everything, and it usually looks nice, but I still like stain. That said, I've got some thrifted chairs that may get painted because stripping them is way more tedious than I thought it would be.

    Your shelf turned out so nice. I love the shiny brass with the black.

    Looking forward to seeing your new table.


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