Lillie Mae Acres

Lillie Mae Acres

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Florida Strawberry Season is here!

YUMMY Florida strawberries are almost ready for pickin'. I already know I don't plan on making jam and preserves this year out of them but I do want to go pick a few to eat however we desire and to freeze whole or halved. I need to mention this to my mom and see when she wants to go pickin'.
The red and white checks are floating all around my kitchen on dish towels and the window valance. The towels are being used in different ways to decorate with and being paired up with a small sunflower here and there. I don't claim to have one certain color, just a farmhouse theme going on but I sure do love those ginghams. I always have! Matthew's baby nursery was yellow and white gingham. I had to make almost all of the crib bedding decor and curtains because it wasn't in style in 1994. Gingham is ALWAYS in style to me.

Back to Florida Strawberries, usually the local u-pick farm is advertising by this part of March so that makes me think that I'd better do some checking around. Like I said, I'm not interested in making jams and preserves this year, but I do need and want me some for freezing. I would just love to drag down that lonely ice cream maker that hasn't been used in a couple of years and make some vanilla ice cream to put a few on top of. Ooh, a strawberry shortcake ALWAYS sounds yummy! Florida had a pretty COLD winter so that may be why I haven't heard of the farm being open for business yet. I sure hope I can find somewhere to go and pick some, and I hope they're as plump, sweet, and juicy as usual.

That hard workin' sweet ole' hubby of mine told me last weekend that we'd go to the flea market and antique malls this Saturday. I did tell him this evening that I wouldn't hold him to it if he had stuff around the yard that he'd rather do. We can go in a couple of weekends instead. All last weekend and all week so far I've enjoyed the three of us taking advantage of this beautiful weather. I'm spring cleaning in the mornings then going out and spring cleaning the yards. When hubby rolls through the gate from work, he joins in. I need to take a picture of the inside of our barn. Matthew has spent the last two days giving it a total clean out and reorganization! It looks terrific! We have to get a fresh load of wood chips for the floor.

I hope you get to enjoy fresh fruit and vegies that will be in season around you soon. We'll be planting the spring garden real soon, so I had better find time to go through my freezers and see if I can't make a little room. I think we need a brand new batch of chickens because these old things we have have stopped laying. There's ALWAYS a bunch to do, but I guess that's what keeps us young!

See ya'll later. Get out there and enjoy the beginnings of spring when it arrives at your back door! I know for a lot of you, it's still too cold. Just think though, those of us that get spring early also usually suffer with extreme high temps in the summer! Not lookin' forward to that.


  1. Fresh strawberries....YUM! Ours here in Pa aren't ready till June:( There's nothing like a fresh strawberry shortcake though:D

  2. Your lil farmhouse is cute as always Denise ! Enjoy those strawberries & your nice weather, we are expecting snow again tonite : (
    Have a great weekend !
    luvs & hugs

  3. Hi Lillie Mae ~ I love your "little space" and all that you share! This is my first time to comment...everything is so warm and homey and your home is so cute! Fresh strawberries sound so absolutely will be a little while before we have them around here. Blessings! Teri

  4. I will be in Florida at the end of next week. I hope to find some bright red and yummy strawberries when I get there!
    I am ready to start preparing our yard for summer. We are very much in need of some new mulch and I have a lot of pruning to do.
    Have a wonderful week,

  5. Enjoy some of those strawberries for me when you find them, and I'll enjoy some for you in June when the pick your own farms open up for picking. When our daughter was in college, we planted 500 strawberry plants and all the money we received from what we sold went on her college bill. We've paid for entire semesters that way! Enjoyed your post!

  6. Of all the fruits and vegetables fresh strawberries and fresh tomatoes are my favorites of all. Stawberry season doesn't hit in these parts until May. Please think of me as you're eating some.

  7. I love the summer fruits!!! your photos are adorable!

  8. I've heard that the FL strawberries will be high this year due to all the cold weather. I hope you find some and that they are good. Your house just looks darling!


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